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inDeauville gets enlightened

inDeauville brightens the end of the year’s celebrations Every municipality of the territory has been dressed up with Christmas pines, balls and garlands to make the visitor's eyes shine when the night comes.


30 km
The starred sky of the Morny Square in Deauville
The starred sky of the Place Morny is composed of 40,000 light points and more than 4 km of garlands that turn the unmissable Deauville Square into a magic and enchanting place. It’s a lovely place, the most shining of the city.
The Northern Pole in Vauville
The Town Hall Square of Vauville is transformed into a Northern Pole site made of igloos, polar bears, penguins and inflatable Christmas characters. A 7-m-high pine and about ten small trees, decorated with lighted garlands, create a warm atmosphere inspired from winter nature!
Place de la Mairie
Saint-Arnoult in red, white and gold
The city centre of Saint-Arnoult is dressed in Christmas colours: red, white and gold. In the middle of the roundabout, a 5-m-tall pine decorated with colourful Christmas garlands and balls stands out among the other 35 pines found all over the city.
Place André Chotard
Light curtains in Blonville-sur-mer
Curtains made of lights and stalactites hang down for several metres on the façade of the Town Hall. The large trees in front of it are trimmed with garlands from the trunk up to the branches and the streetlights are decorated with a one-meter diameter white light sphere. At the roundabout, the white pine trees feature different colours: blue, green or red.
Place Gaston Lejumel
The lighted garden of the Deauville Town Hall
The white pines and trees trimmed with bows, Christmas balls and shining garlands give a new look to the garden of the Town Hall. Lighted stalactites hang down from the roof of the façade. The atmosphere is even more magical when the bells ring (at fixed hours).
La Mairie
20 Rue Robert Fossorier
The majestic water lilies of Deauville Port
In the Morny basin, 4 white water lilies float among boats. When the night comes, their white light is reflected on water.
Le bassin Morny
Quai de l'impératrice Eugénie
The beautiful decorations made by the Deauville inhabitants
The inhabitants of the Verdun District have many great ideas to make the Christmas spirit shine on the façades of their houses and in their gardens.
Rue de Verdun
Villerville is decorated with Christmas colours
The streets of the centre of Villerville stretching between the Lavoir Square and the Town Hall are adorned with lights and typical Christmas decorations.
Place du Lavoir
The Villare gets dressed for Christmas
The façade of the Villare of Villers-sur-Mer is entirely enlightened with 50 m of garlands. On the forecourt in front of the church, 3-m-high LED bulb curtains placed among the streetlights remind snow. They also cover 5 large pines decorated with coloured Christmas balls.
26 Rue du Général de Gaulle
The gingerbread house in Villers-sur-Mer
On Jeanne d’Arc Square, a sculpture of light has the shape of a 5-m-high gingerbread in front of which you can pose for a photo. 10 large pines are placed all around, under a sky of garlands that reminds snow.
The Santa Claus postbox is waiting for children’s letters.
Place Jeanne d'Arc
Le Bourg
The light curtains of the Town Hall in Villers-sur-Mer
On the Town Hall façade, 5-m-high light curtains remind snow. Large 1 m x 1 m lighted gifts placed on plant boxes on each side of the stairs are ready to welcome Santa Claus.
7 rue du Général de Gaulle
The giant gift of Villers-sur-Mer
A 1.80-m-high giant gift, a 1.80-m diameter Christmas ball and a large enlightened pine trimmed with a 50-m garland have replaced the traditional vegetation dinosaur. The light curtains on the façade reproduce the snow falling on the Durenne Villa (Villers-sur-Mer tourist office), situated on the seaside.
Place Jean Mermoz
Lights all over Villers-sur-Mer
Several lights have been placed all over Villers-sur-Mer.
If you start from the Tourist Information Office, then take rue du Maréchal Foche and reach the Villare, then walk down rue du général de Gaulle and cross rue Michel d'Ornano, you’ll enjoy the street lights inspired by falling snow flakes, the Christmas trees and other decorations.
Going back to the seaside Casino, the street is enlightened by lamp posts to let you admire the casino façade decorated with 100-m-long garlands.
7 Rue du Général de Gaulle
Lighted pine tree at the Town Hall of Bénerville-sur-Mer
The Town Hall is decorated with 50-m-long garlands featuring Christmas colours. A large 5-m-tall pine with several garlands is found at the entrance of the town, on the seaside.
2 Rue du Ricoquet
Family decorations in Saint-Pierre-Azif
In the small garden of the Town Hall, decorated in red, white and gold, a 2-m-high pine is trimmed with garlands, bows, stars, colourful Christmas balls and surrounded by the animals of the forest. The fences are covered with pine branches decorated with bows. The Town Hall façade is, of course, wrapped with lights.
La Mairie
Le Bourg
Starred night in the Saint-Gatien-des-Bois forest
Inspired by the surrounding forest, Saint-Gatien-des-Bois has reproduced a wild atmosphere in the garden facing the Town Hall, with pines painted in white, animals and wooden mushrooms. The Town Hall is enlightened with garlands inspired by falling snowflakes. In front of it, the doors of the church are flanked by two 2-m-tall white pines and light curtains.
The adjacent streets are enlightened, and the streetlamps are topped by shining stars.
18 rue des Brioleurs
A lighted-tree itinerary in Touques
All the historic centre of Touques is enlightened during the end of the year’s celebrations!
The Saint-Pierre and Lemercier Squares host a large 5-m-tall pine decorated in white and blue and wrapped with several garlands to remind snow-covered winter nights.
About twelve pine and birch bushes create a small forest at the entrance of rue de la Reine Mathilde, while the covered market pillars are decorated with vegetation garlands just like the arches and the frame of the Saint-Pierre Church doors.
About fifty other pines and lights hanged on the streetlamps are found in the main streets, going from rue Saint-Andreasberg to rue du Docteur Lainé.
Place Saint-pierre
7 Rue du Général de Gaulle
38 Rue Jean Mermoz
Le Normandy
Boulevard Marcel Lechanteur
Place du marché
2 Rue Edmond Blanc
Casino Barrière