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From Saint-Arnoult to Deauville by the greenway and the Coteau

Walking tour

Saint-Arnoult and Deauville are linked by a greenway between their town center. They also share part of Mont-Canisy with residential areas.

Departure: Saint-Arnoult Town Hall, Avenue Michel d'Ornano 14800 Saint-Arnoult


8,7 km




79 m
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Step 1
At the start and with your back to the Town Hall of Saint-Arnoult, turn right to take the pedestrian promenade along the La Touques river, up to the levels of the playground.
Step 3
Take a left on Boulevard Mauger until the intersection with Avenue Hocquart de Turtot, along the Saint-Augustin church.
Step 4
Turn left on Avenue Hocquart de Turtot to Villa Strassburger, at the corner of Avenue Strassburger and Rue Jules Saucisse (it can be rented and visited: see
Step 5
Continue straight ahead and climb Chemin de l'Eau (small road then path to the right of Villa Strassburger) until it crosses Rue du Moulin Saint-Laurent.
Step 6
Take a left on Rue du Moulin Saint-Laurent until it crosses Saint-Laurent Church.
Step 7
Turn right on Rue du Moulin Saint-Laurent until the junction with Rue des Aunes.
Step 10
Take a right on Chemin de Taux until it crosses Chemin des Belles Vues.
Step 11
Turn right on Chemin des Belles Vues, ​​continue straight on Rue du Coteau, until you cross Avenue du Golf, Rue des Plantis and the entrance to the Hôtel du Golf Barrière.
Step 12
Continue straight on Rue des Plantis (leave Rue du Bois de Lassay on the right) until it crosses Place de la République (six streets crossing).
Step 13
Take a right on Rue des pommiers (2nd street), until the crossroads with Rue de la Chapelle.
Step 14
Cross Rue de la Chapelle, continue straight on Rue des Champs until it crosses Rue de la Verdure.
Step 16
Take a right on Allée des Champs until it crosses Avenue Michel d'Ornano (D248).
Step 2
Bypass the river on the right to join the greenway, continue on it, until the junction with Boulevard Mauger.
Step 8
Take a left on Rue des Aunes (leave Avenue des Maréchaux and Rue des Courts Verts on the left) until it crosses Chemin de l'Aumône.
Step 9
Take a left on Chemin de l'Aumône until it crosses Chemin de Taux.
Step 15
Take a left on Rue de la Verdure until it crosses Allée des Champs (pedestrian alley on the right).
Step 17
Cross Avenue Michel d'Ornano (D278) and turn right to the town hall of Saint-Arnoult, the starting point.