8 glances on Deauville

© Peter Knapp, Rétrospective, Planche(s) Contact 2016

Peter Knapp
The blue train

In the relationship existing between Peter Knapp and Deauville, reference is frequently made to photographic orders. The Boardwalk and the seafront of Deauville are the perfect setting to capture photos for the Courrèges fashion house and for "Elle" or "Stern” magazines.
At the end of the 1970s, while focusing on his fashion images, Peter Knapp made some artworks such as the "recomposed compounds" or blue monochrome series, whose only pattern was the sky. Working in Deauville represented for him the opportunity to deepen his researches, subtle games between signs and geometry, and to play with images to create new imaginary landscapes.


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© Bernard Descamps pour Planche(s) Contact 2016

Bernard Descamps

Bernard Descamps, master of the black and white photography, loves the shapes of beaches and deserts, the birds in the sky and the seaside lights. Bernard Descamps, having a singular sensitivity for framing and composition, has been using since the 1980s the squared format filtering and recomposing the African landscapes, the roads of Tokyo or the Northern beaches in winter.

In Deauville he assumes his favourite role: he becomes a photographer-traveler, who walks for long time around the town and on the beach, through empty or crowded places, during the week or in the weekend, to reveal all the shades and lights of the city.

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© Joakim Eskildsen pour Planche(s) Contact 2016

Joakim Eskildsen

Joakim Eskildsen, working between social and road photography, has walked down the streets of La Havane and the districts of the major American cities with the highest rates of outsiders. His shots transmitted the details of these areas through powerful and touching images, supported by rigorous framings and twilight colours. Joakim Eskildsen will roam around the city of Deauville, which he does not know yet, to capture new dimensions.

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© Maïa Flore pour Planche(s) Contact 2016

Maïa Flore

Maïa Flore, a young talent revealed by the HSBC 2015 Prize, creates personal narrations, surrounded by dreamlike landscapes and decorations aged by time.
In her compositions, pale bodies and refined shapes, animated by a surrealist weightlessness, link internal worlds and external landscapes. The body blends with reality and becomes a thin membrane that cannot contain our dreams and thoughts. Maia Flore reveals a new dimension of Deauville, seen as an intriguing and inspiring city. Deauville, with its soft lights, become a dream land, and hosts an entirely personal poetry.


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© Laurence Leblanc pour Planche(s) Contact 2016

Laurence Leblanc

Laurence Leblanc, an artist with an educational background in plastic arts, pays particular attention to the matter and the medium when taking pictures. With her, the creation act is obtained combining the subject with his/her environment.
Laurence Leblanc is hosted in residence for the 7th edition of the Planche(s) Contact Festival and captures a series of pictures that are sensitive and attentive to the space arranged between humans and things.


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© Patrick Tourneboeuf pour Planche(s) Contact 2016

Patrick Tourneboeuf
The inner journey

Patrick Tourneboeuf is invited to Deauville to explore the Normandy hotel, in keeping with his series called “Monumental”, capturing remembrance places.
Patrick Tourneboeuf offers a unique and curious glance on the most famous hotel of Deauville, through a systematic and plastic vision that makes his work something more than a mere documentary film. He questions the present and past identity of the hotel, passing through the prism of its recent renovation, and preserving the link with sociological and historical changes. This work, conceived as a inner quest, is not just a documentary, as it emphasizes through a sensitive and almost physical approach the memory of this building.


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© Paolo Verzone pour Planche(s) Contact 2016

Paolo Verzone

Toilers of the sea

Paolo Verzone develops photographic series questioning our society and the representation of its leisures. He makes sober portraits forming part of the documentary tradition. For Planche(s) Contact 2016, Paolo Verzone comes back to Deauville, a city he already knows, to meet some people he calls "Toilers of the sea". A state of play, some portraits of individuals or small groups reveal the diversity of professions that are linked to the sea and the beach of Deauville. From the fisherman to the ice cream vendor, from the yatch harbour master to the beach umbrella renter…he conveys the truths and singularities of a diversity of professions and personalities.

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© Anna Broujean pour Planche(s) Contact 2016

Anna Broujean
Laureate of the Student Contest 2015
Pursuing the green ray

Anna Broujean, laureate of the Prize of the Louis Roederer Fundation of Planche(s) Contact 2015, was invited in 2016 for a photographic order of the Festival.
She started to pursue the green beam. Between science, fiction and science fiction, this project is focused on the phenomenon of the green ray, this coloured light point that can be seen for few seconds as soon as the sun disappears below the horizon. Gathering investigation elements in the middle between dream and reality, and using several supports (photographs, photomontages, archive photos, collages, sounds…), “Pursuing the green ray” captures and turns into photos this furtive flash that sometimes appears on the horizon line of Deauville.

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Photographic reproductions of sand architectures by Michel Tréhet, photographer
Martine-Tina Dassault, the founder of this project, collaborates with Antoine Grumbach, urban architect, laureate of the Grand Prix de l’Urbanisme 1992 and Member of the Scientific Council of the Atelier International du Grand Paris.
For this exhibition and two-phase project, about twelve architects are invited to the Normand seaside to challenge each other on the sand. The sand is their playfield, but especially an area of research and experiences, hosting sand architecture that can face the imponderable threats of wind, water and friability.
The creation is open, the only constraint: it is forbidden to use glue, cement or to add any other materials.

Invited architects: Antoine Grumbach, Christian et Elizabeth de Porzamparc, Léna Soffer, Franck Hammoutène, Dominique Châtelet, Dominique Jakob and Brendan Macfarlane, Michel Desvignes, Dinah Diwan, Nasrine Seraji, Roger Taillibert…