Second part of the exhibition: André Hamburg's places of inspiration seen by other artists exhibited on the doors of the Planches de Deauville booths.

The Chapel of Grace, 1972 - Andrée SEAILLESThe Chapel of Grace, 1972 - Andrée SEAILLES
Sidi Bou Said - Marius de BUZON
In the villa Abd-el-Tif, 1923 - Pierre DEVAL

As an extension of the exhibition, visitors can discover 26 works from the Franciscan collections on the Deauville Planches. The doors of the bathing cabins will be dressed to offer a walk in Provence, the Paris region, Normandy and the Maghreb. These places which so inspired André Hambourg are also a source of creation for many artists whose works are also kept in the collections of the Franciscans. A diversity of approaches which allows you to discover different artistic points of view of the same place and to have a new overview of the range of Franciscan collections, a future place of cultural life whose opening is planned in Deauville in 2019 .

Annie Madet-Vache, Curator of the museum, Les Franciscaines

In the villa Abd-el-Tif, 1923 - Pierre DEVAL

26 works to discover on the doors of the cabins

Jean-Michel ROULEAU, Englesqueville
Léonard FOUJITA, Le vase de Biot, ND
Charles CAMOIN, Montmartre, ND
Kees VAN DONGEN, Montmartre, 1900
Paul ULLMAN, Vaucluse, 1935
Andrée SEAILLES, The Chapel of Grace, 1972
Couverture Le Pays d'Auge, 30th Year, n ° 8, August 1980
Eugène BOUDIN, L'Avenue de Villers in Deauville, newly avenue de la République, ND
Lucien ARDENNE, The bleach quay, 1959
André DUNOYER DE SEGONZAC, Le quai de Javel, ND
Yvette ALDE, Landscape of Baux, ND
Pierre LETELLIER, The almond tree in bloom at Les Baux, 1967
François BRET, On the French Riviera, ND
Marius de BUZON, Sidi Bou Saïd, ND
Siebe Johannes TENE CATE, The Mosque of Algiers, 1903
Georges MANZANA-PISSARO, Jemma el Fna Square, Marrakech, 1940
Charles HESS, Rue d'Alger, 1944
Jean VINAY, The street in winter, ND
Roland BRUVIEUX, Rue de Nevers, ND
Pierre DEVAL, In the villa Abd-el-Tif, 1923
The SEEBERGER brothers, The Pompeian baths, 1930
Isis KISCHKA, Honfleur le vieux bassin, ND
Jean-Baptiste SÉCHERET, La Touques, ND
Great aviation fortnight in the Seine bay, 1910
Filip DUJARDIN, D'ville, 2012
Charles MASSIN, Norman and English villas, plate n ° 1



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