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On October 28, 2020, the President of the Republic established confinement from October 30 to December 1 minimum.

Travel is prohibited except for:
- Professional activities, training, passing competitions and exams.
- Travel to pick up the children from school and for extracurricular activities.
- Purchases of supplies necessary for professional activity or essentials in authorized establishments and withdrawals of orders.
- Examinations, care, medical consultations and drug purchases
- Compelling family reason: assistance to vulnerable and insecure people or childcare.
- Travel for people with disabilities and their companions.
- Judicial, administrative summons,
- Use of a public service.
- Participate in missions of general interest at the request of the administrative authority.

Everyone has the possibility of going out within a radius of 1 km around their home for one hour each day: to practice a non-collective physical activity, to take a walk with the people of their household, to take their pet out.
The beach, parks and gardens are free to access if they are within the kilometer perimeter.
Please note: groups of more than six people are prohibited on public roads.

In all these cases, you must have completed a "Certificate of exceptional travel", a "certificate for" school travel "or a" certificate for professional travel " download here

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Wearing a mask is compulsory in places where there are a lot of people, shops, markets, public transport (from 11 years old), around schools and childcare centers and in some places specifically defined by the municipalities. Consult the site of your municipality for details.


Any gathering, whatever its nature, cannot exceed the simultaneous presence of 6 people (except professional meetings and transport services).

Open or closed ?

- markets food continue to function. The stands are spaced 4 meters apart in front and 2 meters on each side, to allow distances.

Are equally OPEN :
- Food shops: grocery stores, butchers, bakeries, caterers, greengrocers, fishmongers, mini markets, supermarkets, hypermarkets ...
- Health services: pharmacies, opticians, laboratories ...
- Public services: town halls, post offices ...
- Home care services, social service activities
- Business of first necessity, wholesale trade
- Garages, car rentals, rental and leasing of other machinery, equipment and goods, transport services.
- IT, telephone operators
- DIY, garden centers
- Stores for animals, veterinarians, shelters, pounds
- Stores selling newspapers and stationery, tobacco
- Laundry-dyer
- Funeral services
- Financial and insurance activities
- Places of worship
Complete list on

Sont FARMS : all restaurants, bars, hotels (except for people placed in solitary confinement) and establishments linked to culture, places dedicated to collective or individual sports practice (except for schoolchildren, people with disabilities and professionals in training and training), and places dedicated to leisure and well-being.
Horse races are held behind closed doors.
Nautical and boating activities are prohibited.


> Download the "all anti-covid" app to protect yourself.

In case of immediate danger: 17
Violence against children: 119 (or on the website
Domestic violence: 3919 (or on the website

Toll free number: info on the Coronavirus COVID-19, 24 hours a day, 24 days a week: 7 7 0 800

If you have difficulty hearing or speaking over the phone due to a disability, you can visit the open contact area dedicated to deaf, hard of hearing or blind people on the site.



If you have symptoms (cough, fever) that make you think of COVID-19:
- Stay at home, avoid contact, call your doctor before going to his office. If you don't have an attending physician, dial 09 72 72 99 09 (free service + price of the call, open 7 days a week from 7:8 a.m. to 30 p.m.). If your usual medical practice is closed, dial 18 116 (free phone number active throughout Normandy).
- If the symptoms worsen with breathing difficulties and signs of suffocation, call the SAMU (15) or send a message to the emergency number for the deaf and hard of hearing (114).

Screening tests are only possible on presentation of a prescription or the convocation of the CPAM or the ARS if you are in contact.


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