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April 23th

The word "revival" will only have meaning if the energies are federated.
Also, Monday, April 20, at the initiative of Philippe Augier, President of the SPL inDeauville and Mayor of Deauville, stakeholders in the tourism industry met to lay the foundations of an organization whose objective is to rethink the tourist activity between July and December 2020. If the conditions for deconfinement are still uncertain - phases and associated health constraints - tourism operators have confirmed their desire to give themselves the means to provide the right answers to visitors for after May 11 and the famous "desire to live again but safely", a new paradigm of a society under Covid-19. On a base of common values ​​that will be even more strongly affirmed, working groups, led by the SPL inDeauville, will reflect on new ways to seduce travelers and then welcome them. Five axes structure the recovery plan.
All the actors present decided to create ten working groups: sports & leisure, accommodation, catering, well-being, business tourism, horse riding, ethical charter events, shops & crafts, public safety coordination.

Reliable health care

The environment has been anxious since March 16, but health protocols constitute a possible working environment when they are adapted to each sector of the economy.
The working groups by tourism sectors which are formed locally will have the task of pooling their reflections, questions, ideas on the organization of post-confinement, from May 11th and July.
How will we do it in hotels, restaurants, shopping or on our beaches? How can we reassure those who want to come on the sanitary conditions of their holidays or their weekend?
Room-services for breakfasts, take-out, public areas set up for outdoor lunches ... meetings to avoid the crowds ... Our visitors will expect a global and reliable response that professionals already imagine and will share.
In addition to the protocols and ideas that will emerge from these groups, there will be all the territorial measures linked to travel, cleanliness or the regulation of flows in public spaces.
This set will not only make it possible to constitute an explicit territorial health charter for visitors who will favor the best prepared territories and above all to imagine how we can respond to the aspirations of post-Covid-19 society.

Weekends and holidays that make sense

- Travel less but better
- Travel for longer but less often
- Favor your family
- Live close to the identity of the territories, have more links with the locals
- Consume local
- Discover a territory if necessary with the help of an expert
- Give meaning to your holidays Connect with nature
These trends, announced by a number of tourism experts or sociologists, confirm the choices made by inDeauville when it was created to promote shared tourism, a source of progress for all. On this same line, the working groups will bring out new ways of experiencing the territory: practicing family yoga on the beach, lunch in a park, discovering a hiking trail in the early morning ...

Christian Delom, secretary general ofA World for Travel describes well these trends which were already emerging before the crisis and which will be consolidated> read the article in the tourist Echo.

An ethical charter

The Covid-19 crisis changes the order of priorities for visitors who will make even more conscious consumption choices, favoring ethical holidays. The territory intends to make it a priority for 2020 by uniting the tourism sector around common commitments for a quality environment and sustainable tourism. Multiple initiatives have been taken in tourism businesses in the territory. Experiments are carried out. Local authorities have also made a lot of progress: sustainable management of their now protected heritage, sustainable management of the quality of bathing water, awareness campaign for the cleanliness of beaches, sustainable construction… today there is a lack of clear and common signage for all of our relationship to the environment.

A calendar of events

Another key element of attractiveness, the calendar of 2020 events is to be reconstructed in a concerted manner between organizers but also with the hosts and restaurateurs, all interdependent. A working group will make the link between all to propose a fair and balanced articulation of the year.

A revised communication and promotion plan

In 2020, the territory will receive far fewer foreign visitors. On the other hand, it has the opportunity to capture a larger French tourism since already 46% of the French who had planned to go abroad will remain in France (36% still wonder).
The priority targets are now located in nearby areas: region, nearby region, Paris, Belgium and the Netherlands.
Also the promotion plan will have to re-organize itself towards these priority tourist targets and the promotion of these new devices.

Permanent involvement in regional and national bodies

The government is determined to support the unprecedented crisis that tourism will experience in the coming months. Philippe Augier is in regular contact with the technical teams of ministries and ministers to share the needs of our territory. With the Mayors of seaside resorts, he works with Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, Secretary of State to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, to move forward with the resumption of activities. Crisis collaborations have also been organized with France Congrès, which he chairs, the Union of Event Trades, the Union of Hotel Industry Trades, the union of casino operators and the association of classified resorts. It is in close proximity to the Prefect that all problems related to health security in the territory are addressed.

The State's unprecedented aid is now added to that of the Normandy Region, which does important work to support all businesses.
The Seine Estuary CCI is considering the creation of a single office to help businesses find all the subsidies available to them.
It is now up to the Mayor of each municipality to add the measures he can take to support the national effort.
In Deauville, the City:
- will not charge terrace fees during closing times
- extend the validity of the parking pass as much as necessary
- plans to have the Council vote on the non-invoicing of rents for walls belonging to the City of Deauville during the closing period
The Cœur Côte Fleurie Community of Communes plans to vote for the non-invoicing of the household waste fee during the closing time of shops.
The following participated in the work:
For the City of Deauville: Philippe Augier, Guillaume Capard, Laurent Bellenger, Audrey Gadenne.
For the SPL inDeauville: Karine Cozien, Delphine Barré
For the Community of Communes Coeur Côte Fleurie: Marc Bourhis, David Revert
For the Barrière group: David Parré
For the UMIH: Yann France and Sandrine Montier
For ACAPARS and the Clairefontaine Racecourse: Axelle Maître
For the UCIAD: Charly Brauer, absent, but who had sent a very complete note on the subject.
For the CID: Carine Fouquier
For the Deauville-La Touques racecourse and France Galop: Franck Lemestre and Jean d'Indy
For the Pôle internatinal du Cheval Longines Deauville: Antoine Sinniger
For the Deauville Thalasso: Stéphanie Hardy
For traders and leisure activities: Frédéric Torres
For the Franciscans: Caroline Clémensat, Valérie Busseuil
For the Trouville-sur-Mer tourist office: Sophie Millet
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