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Partout en France, le 1er janvier 2017, la loi NOTRe entrait en vigueur et imposait aux communes voisines de mutualiser moyens et compétences touristiques. Nous sommes désormais onze communes à travailler ensemble au sein d’une structure touristique : Territoire de Deauville. Ce rassemblement nous permet de vous offrir plus de services et de vous profiter de notre expertise élargie du territoire.  Ce qui compte pour nous, c’est que vous puissiez profiter 11 fois plus de votre séjour.

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11 municipalities, a shared desire
Coming together means sharing the same vision of tourism development, hospitality, our offer. Since 2017, we have been working in synergy and it is more efficient. We have pooled our investments and are stronger. We are developing new skills and now offer you more relevant tools to guide and advise you.
We are eleven and you have the opportunity to discover us all: Bénerville-sur-mer, Blonville-sur-mer, Deauville, Saint-Arnoult, Saint-Gatien-des-Bois, Saint-Pierre-Azif, Touques, Tourgéville, Vauville, Villers-sur-mer and Villerville.

11 times more expertise, in a few words
- An address book 11 times richer
- Multiple proposals to help you discover the territory
- A plentiful calendar of sporting, cultural and festive events
- C’est enfin, un esprit qui nous ressemble : celui d’un tourisme qui  privilégie la rencontre, le partage et le ressourcement.

inDeauville: the brand that signs all our actions and our communication

The inDeauville brand is the standard for tourism players in the region. It brings together all those who are eager to adhere to its values ​​and its positioning and its interpersonal skills. She signs all of our communications.

It is a landmark for you. It marks the anchoring to the territory and expresses our diversity. inDeauville is the idea of ​​a single destination with a diversity of places, activities and moments to live. Whenever you see it, it means that you are in the vicinity or in contact with someone who can accompany and guide you.

For us, tourism that makes sense is tourism that is built on exchange and sharing.

Also, we have endowed this brand with a promise: "Sharing stories" or "Stories to share". This promise guides our relationships with you and between us.

Sharing our stories is first and foremost a state of mind, the desire to meet, to share, a sincere welcome.
Sharing our stories is helping you discover our territory, its stories, its traditions, the history of the characters who marked our places and our beaches. It is to guide you to make you live your own story: seize the poetry and the sensoriality of our coast and our villages, discover and enjoy its cultural and sporting vitality, meet the men and women who bring this territory of daily life.

We went to the end of our desire and put together a collection of stories in the form of guides. Each of us - in the tourist information offices - will also be able to tell you about them in person.

An email and your interests: it's enough to stay in touch and bring you information that really interests you Stay in touch with us

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