Everywhere in France, on January 1st 2017, the NOTRe law entered into force and imposed on the neighbouring municipalities to share tourist tools and skills. We now have 11 municipalities of our territory working together for the same tourist entity: the Territory of Deauville. This collaboration allows us to offer more services and let you count on our vast expertise. What matters for us is making you take 11 times more advantage of your stay.

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11 municipalities, a shared will
Joining our municipalities implies sharing the same vision of tourism development, hospitality and what we have to offer. Since 2017, we have been working together and have become more efficient. We have shared our investments and we are stronger. We are developing new skills and are currently able to offer more pertinent tools to guide and counsel you.
We are 11 municipalities and you’ll have the opportunity to discover all: Bénerville-sur-mer, Blonville-sur-mer, Deauville, Saint-Arnoult, Saint-Gatien-des-Bois, Saint-Pierre-Azif, Touques, Tourgéville, Vauville, Villers-sur-mer and Villerville.

11 times more expertise means in few words
- An 11 times larger list of destinations
- Several propositions to let you discover our territory
- A calendar of great sport, festive and cultural events
- To sum up, a spirit that looks like us: an idea of tourism that encourages mingling, sharing and relaxing.

inDeauville: the brand that signs all our actions and communication

The inDeauville brand is the flag of the tourism agents of the territory. It brings together all entities that are keen to adhere to its core values, positioning and life skills. It signs all our communication material.

It’s a reference for you. It ensures the integration to our territory and expresses our diversity: inDeauville means offering several places, activities and moments to share in the same destination. Each time you see it, it means that you are either near or in contact with somebody who can accompany or guide you.

For us, tourism makes sense if it is based on exchange and sharing

This brand also holds a promise: "Sharing stories.” This promise guides our relationship with you and among us.

Sharing our stories is, first of all, a state of mind, an urge of meeting, sharing and a sincere welcoming.
Sharing our story means helping you to discover our territory, its history, traditions, and stories of personalities that have marked our public squares and beaches. It means guiding you for a personal experience: capturing the poetry and appeal of our coast and villages, discovering and enjoying its cultural and sports vitality, meeting the men and women that keep this territory alive day by day.

We have listened to this urge and created a collection of stories in the form of a guide. Each of us (at the Tourist Information Offices) will orally tell them to you.

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