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News: the inDeauville events calendar is kept up to date as decisions are imposed on all. Some dates have been canceled or postponed, others are maintained under certain conditions of public access.

One actor, six pleadings, six moments of truth. Alone on stage, Richard Berry embodies the great figures of the bar and immerses his audience in trials that have marked the history of justice in France, from the Chistian Ranucci case to that of Claude Érignac. A sensational show that won unanimous support and won the 2019 Crystal Globe.

In Bobigny in 1972, Gisèle Halimi defended the ...

12 June
Casino Barrière DeauvilleDEAUVILLE

Theater: "Pleadings" - Richard Berry

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In this stand-up show where, fan of Shella that she stayed, she does not hesitate to push the song, the stripper decoder of the news on Paris Première returns on her itinerary of provincial catapulted to Paris. The ex-jurist unbolts, tirelessly, the teenagers, the sores and even the shrink of Anne Hidalgo. His tribulations are irresistible!

Stage direction: Eric Théobald ...

19 June
Casino Barrière DeauvilleDEAUVILLE

Comedy show: Sandrine Sarroche

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Laurent Baffie has always asked himself questions that no one asks.
As long as he published them it did no harm to anyone, but today he goes on stage to make the public react to his delusional questions.
Add to that all the improvisations that this madman is capable of and his legendary interactivity with the public and you will have a funny and stripped-down show whose ...

26 June
Casino Barrière DeauvilleDEAUVILLE

Humor: Laurent Baffie asks himself questions

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Spirit of the sea, Atlantic inspiration, the creators revisit the marine codes.
Powerful and luminous, the blues in a play of nuances taste like changing skies and plunge us into the depths of the sea.
Fish and shellfish make you want to take off.
Pieces that navigate between tradition and modernity.
Decorative and useful objects - sculptures - jewelry

Vernissage ...

July 25 September
Creators GalleryTOUQUES

Exhibition: "Escale océane"

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The Sartène Choir joined Jean-Paul Poletti in 1995. Together, they practice traditional polyphony, Franciscan religious polyphony which expresses "humble, beautiful art, concerned with perfection". The Choir of Sartène is THE reference in polyphony and revives a thousand-year-old background of which the monks of the San Damianu convent on the heights of Sartène were custodians.
The directory is ...

July 15
Church of St. AugustineDEAUVILLE

Corsican polyphonies concert with Jean-Paul Poletti & the Sartène Choir

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The nobility of flax fiber has spanned the millennia. First world region of production of long fiber flax with more than 50% of the total harvests, Normandy cultivates the most sought-after linens in the world. With multiple properties (hypoallergenic, antibacterial, thermoregulatory, resistant and easy to maintain), this fabric with the elegance of timeless minimalism, invites itself in ...

12 August15 August
Church of St. PeterTOUQUES

Exhibition: "Color linen, color nature" (13th edition)

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More than 300 tattoo artists and exhibitors, from all over the world, but also concerts, artistic performances, shows, exhibitions ... are on the program for this 4th edition.

21 August22 August
Centre International de DeauvilleDEAUVILLE

4th Deauville Tattoo Festival

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Contemporary jewelry doesn't just flaunt precious metals and stones.
Ceramic, glass, thread, knitting, textile, leather, paper, wood, horn, resin ...
In a great diversity, a total and captivating freedom of creativity, so many materials are revealed in innovative and expressive jewels.
A real artistic recognition for these aesthetic and unique designer jewels which ...

10 September14 November
Creators GalleryTOUQUES

Exhibition: "Bijoux à la folie"

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"The Gibson Man" is back! The most famous bluesman in France, seasoned guitarist and talented songwriter, presents on stage his latest album with a poetic title: "Tightrope walker or attempt to survive in a hostile environment". A disc which wins all the votes. Lovers of melancholic ballads and frenzied riffs will be delighted.

25 September
Casino Barrière DeauvilleDEAUVILLE

Concert: Paul Personne

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Fantasy is associated with the mastery of the gesture and the richness of the materials.
Original creations with extra soul that have meaning, handmade objects directly from the workshops of craftsmen.
Pieces that highlight authenticity and the search for aesthetics.
Gift ideas for the whole family.
Decorative and everyday objects, textile creations, jewelry.

Vernissa ...

19 November31 December
Creators GalleryTOUQUES

Exhibition: "Christmas at the gallery"

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