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News: the inDeauville events calendar is kept up to date as decisions are imposed on all. Some dates have been canceled or postponed, others are maintained under certain conditions of public access.

Tired of plastic waste in nature?
A cleaning site on the beach of Blonville-sur-Mer is organized every Monday morning, all year round.
Clips and garbage bags provided.
A citizens' initiative organized in partnership with Rivage Propre.

21 December
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  • 21 December
  • 28 December
In front of the aid stationBLONVILLE-SUR-MER

Waste collection operation on the beach

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Go on a fabulous journey back in time since 1860, date of the creation of Deauville by the Duke of Morny, Discover its history and its exceptional places which have forged its international reputation.

22 December
Deauville HolidaysDEAUVILLE

Guided tour: Deauville, history and heritage

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Using a digital device, animate photographic works of Franciscans and create mini clips or gifs.

From 8 years.

23 December
The point of viewDEAUVILLE

Little Planches Contact photo snack - Cartoon workshop

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A new screen on the Côte Fleurie for film buffs and those who love a night out…

The Trouville-sur-Mer cine club "Ciné coup coeur" offers the last Friday of each month a major film from the repertoire followed by a debate led by a renowned guest.

A convivial evening with on the menu:
> A short program (archive, clip or short film on Trouville)
> A personality presented ...

25 December
Boulevard CahotteTROUVILLE-SUR-MER


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Flea market organized every 4th Saturday of each month, except in August (5th Saturday), and reserved only for professional sellers.

26 December
Square of the Saint-Augustin ChurchDEAUVILLE

Flea market monthly

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When you walk in Deauville, villas, mansions and other extraordinary buildings highlight a great diversity of architectural styles. This multiplicity of references, but also of dominant characters, often repeated, forged the personality of the city. Discover this remarkable heritage, now valued and preserved, along the streets and ...

27 December
Deauville HolidaysDEAUVILLE

Guided tour: Deauville, architecture and villas

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Niko the illusionist will take the spectators into his world and surprise them with multiple magic tricks of which he alone has the secret. Interactive, family and participatory, the magician will delight young and old. Balloon sculpture and surprise offered to each child at the end of the show.

Limited places, reservation required.

29 December
Ambiance cinema roomBLONVILLE-SUR-MER

Magic show

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Craft your optical toy to animate pictures and create illusions.

From 6 years.

30 December
The point of viewDEAUVILLE

Photo snack little Planches Contact - Optical illusion workshop

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In Villerville, you can find objects and furniture in the unusual setting of the "Garage". Several professional exhibitors welcome curious and bargain hunters all day.

1 janvier3 janvier


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The wizarding marriage of love of the grave stamps of Imany and eight cellos.
With "Voodoo Cello", Imany casts a spell on eight cellos to transform essential hits in pop history, from Radiohead to Cat Stevens, including Donna Summer, Hozier ...
Without any artifice, she uses the combined magic of the strings and her voice to bewitch the spectators and ...

16 janvier
Casino Barrière DeauvilleDEAUVILLE

Concert: Imany

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Villers-sur-Mer associations and volunteers offer various workshops throughout the day: ping-pong challenge, karate, family walking, 12km hike, dance, fitness, pilates, wellness workshop, sale of books and objects various, sewing, photo workshop, presence of firefighters ...
Detailed program to come.
Snacks and refreshments on site.
Urn available for donations ....

23 janvier

Telethon: 8-hour non-stop sport and leisure challenge

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In his new one-on-one, this sensational, elegant and refined mentalist pushes the limits of his art. An imaginary circus, straight out of America in the 30s, serves as the backdrop for his fabulous experiences.

While the voluntary spectators will discover unsuspected capacities, the witnesses will be quite simply amazed.

24 janvier
Casino Barrière DeauvilleDEAUVILLE

Viktor Vincent, mentalist

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