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DEAUVILLE Les Franciscaines> News coming soon

Museum, media library, artistic workshops ... the imagination is at work at the Franciscans, the new place of culture in Deauville! The inauguration initially scheduled for late June has been postponed. Info on these pages and on our social networks as soon as the work completion schedule is finalized. 

Home to a museum, an auditorium, temporary exhibitions, reading and documentation spaces, structured around themes dear to the City of Deauville - horses, cinema, entertainment, photography, the art of living, youth -, the Franciscans display the audacity of an ultra-contemporary space, whose originality comes first from its hybridity, its desire to decompartmentalize knowledge and the arts, its territorial roots and its will above all to make it a place of life. A place where life is good marked by the strength of experiences.

The Moatti-Rivière agency sought, by working on the spaces, by their layout, by the desire to play on the balances between a very open place and intimate spaces, to facilitate a pooling of experiences and knowledge. Here, architecture serves a life project.


Programming in progress.

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