Imagine an event about horses

Alexandra Rosa, who has always been passionate about thoroughbred horses, has founded the “Un jour aux courses” company. It is a company specialized in horse races that organizes varied activities during horse races or the training sessions of thoroughbred horses. Alexandra knows how to meet the needs of anybody.

Alexandra Rosa

She has always been passionate about thoroughbred horses. Her passion led to a strong commitment to equestrian sports.
She became gallop horse coach herself at the Deauville-La Touques racecourse. Her professional career helped her launch her event agency “Un jour aux courses”, focusing on horse races. She offers turnkey activities for team-building or PR programs, but also exclusive and personalized services to meet the needs of the most demanding people.
In Deauville, events take place at the racecourse during official race days or private events, but also on the beach or other private horse areas. Sometimes, people can attend the training of thoroughbred horses, with real high-level professionals exercising 365 days per year at the Deauville La Touques racecourse.

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Un jour aux courses is a team of experts that help you experience horse races from the inside.