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Created in 2008 by the Genestar family, Polka Magazine is a bimonthly magazine devoted to photography and photojournalism that testifies, explains, decrypts current events. The big names in photography reveal the reality of the world and enrich the legend by expressing the memory of tomorrow.
Free and demanding, Polka Magazine is part of this new generation of magazines that take the time to analyze to make sense of the news rather than being dictated by the imposed rhythm of info zapping, people and scripted.

This vocation of craftsman is seen and touched in a remarkable print quality.
Innovative media, polka associates the magazine with a prestigious exhibition and an internet community by relying on three media: a bimonthly magazine, a gallery and a network of exhibitions, a website. The magazine is available in kiosks, specialized bookstores and internationally, it also requires an original version on iPad.