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AXA has been involved in France and around the world for several years to strengthen diversity in business and within society. Starting your own business is a vector of financial independence and, as an insurer, AXA works to ensure that women are as likely as men to start and develop their business. As such, AXA is committed alongside the Entreprendre Foundation through the “Des Elles pourentreprendre” program. The aim of this program is to give women every chance to start a successful business. Concretely, 900 euros over 000 years, financed by the patronage of AXA France, were devoted to the implementation of associative projects to democratize women's access to entrepreneurship. AXA also works on a daily basis with women business leaders thanks to the “Rencontres Pour Elles”, meetings led by AXA Advisors throughout France and which aim to raise awareness of the importance of anticipating and protecting themselves, both for themselves and for their loved ones. In two years, no less than 3 meetings were held on French territory and more than 1000 women sensitized.

AXA is proud to support women during Normandes en Tête.