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Ifnor, vacation rental agency and co-property management

By the sea, a rental management agency is a bit like a hotel. We welcome tourists who like to settle for a few days in a comfortable apartment. Christophe Perez and his team do everything to make the change of scenery complete and relaxing.

Christophe Perez, Ifnor agency
Christophe Perez: a permanent commitment to the tourist development of Villers-sur-Mer
Christophe Perez is part of the long list of Villersois who were first vacationers. Her parents met at the municipal tennis court in the town and came and returned all their lives to spend holidays with their children.
He took the step of settling in Villers-sur-Mer in 2011 after having worked in the family group in Paris. In eight years, Ifnor, a co-property management agency, has grown from two to six people. Seasonal rentals have been added to the activity since 2014.
Christophe Perez and his team manage around 1000 rentals per year. They master the constraints of tourist rental at their fingertips, which requires presence and technicality so that the holidaymakers' stay will go smoothly upon their arrival. Its customers, both the co-owners and the tourists, prove to be very loyal over the years, appreciating the services and the seriousness of the agency's interventions. Christophe Perez does not hesitate to compare his job to that of a hotelier. Welcome in English, open rentals with impeccable hygiene, ensure that the equipment is secure ... the quality of services is the concern of the six employees.
The agency recently received the Normandy Quality Tourism Label after obtaining a score of 92.42 / 100. This label awarded by the Seine Estuaire Chamber of Commerce and Industry commits the candidate to submit to an audit. Approach to which Christophe Perez has enthusiastically subscribed, measuring the opportunity to question his practices and to question them in order to continue improving services, services and reception.
Christophe Perez was the first member of the inDeauville brand, of which he saw the need for the region and its essential role as an attraction. It also distributes tide guides, calendars and timetables to its customers, which help build loyalty. His unfailing commitment to Villers-sur-Mer is also measured in the association of merchants and artisans of Villers-sur-Mer which he chairs. He also attends the In Deauville Development Committees where the changes implemented to increase the promotion of the territory are measured each quarter.
Ifnor agency, Villers-sur-Mer
The Ifnor agency, Villers-sur-Mer
Agence Ifnor, Villers-sur-Mer beach
Sea view, a preferred choice for rentals

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