Boulevard Eugène Cornuché


The success of the 1912 summer season, characterized by the opening of the Normandy Hotel, encouraged the “Société des hôtels et casino de Deauville” to design another palace. Eugène Cornuché, at that time President of this Society, decided to acquire “La Louisiane” Villa, built in 1861 by the Morny Duke, to implement his project: a hotel with 400 rooms, absolute model of luxury and comfort.

The establishment, designed by the architects Théo Petit and Georges Wybo, was inaugurated on July 28th 1913, ten months after the beginning of the works.

Built in reinforced concrete according to a U-shaped plan, the hotel is organized in seven different levels. Its façade looking onto the sea includes several windows as well as alternate brick and stone and half-timbered decorations.

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