Normandy, renowned land of horses


Horse breeding and competition land, welcoming champions and enthusiasts, Basse-Normandie is at the top of the list in the equestrian field. In August 2014, it hosted for the first time the “World equestrian games”, a great success in sport, management and economical terms. Two million television viewers in France and more than 500 million worldwide had the opportunity to discover not only Normand infrastructures and knowledge, but also its facilities for equestrian activities, including two national stud farms: the Haras National du Pin and the Pôle hippique de Saint Lô.



1st economic region:

12916 workplaces divided into 4970 companies, creating a turnover of 1 billion euros.

1st equestrian region:

15 licence holders out of 1000 inhabitants, the best French ratio;

7581 competitions organized in 2013;

470 equestrian facilities;

62 flat racer trainers;

386 trotter trainers;

9300 horses in training.

1st breeding region:

10889 horse births in 2013, corresponding to 22% of national production.

More than one of two race horses is born in Basse-Normandie

Source: Observatoire Economique et Foncier Régional de la filière équine en Basse-Normandie