© Delphine Barré
©Michel Trehet

Every morning on the beach of Deauville, horses benefit from sea water and catch their breath after training, races or competitions. It’s a sort of thalasso therapy, highly beneficial for them.  
Riders and horses take a marked path between the racecourse and the beach. A Code of Good Practice establishes rules of access to the beach: before 10 am in the morning all year long and after 7 pm on Sundays during summer season (from April 15th to September 15th) and during school holidays. An unforgettable beauty to enjoy, at a safe distance, very early in the morning or at sunset. 

What about riding?

Nearby equestrian centres offer horse rides on the beach. Go ahead!

"When summer comes, I don’t suggest Deauville to sleepers and lazy people. As mornings are dedicated to horses (...). Horses come from everywhere and cross at the walk the sleeping town to reach, excited like children, the long and silent beach. Argentinian peticeros lead groups of five or six polo ponies, cherry red coat criollos, humming an old Pampa melody. Apprentice jockeys bring from the Touques or the Clairefontaine racecourse proud thoroughbred horses, whose precious back is protected by exercise rugs. Sometimes, sulkies slide into the procession. From neighbouring clubs – situated in Tourgéville, Villerville or Le Brevedent – come ordinary riders like you and me, for whom galloping on wet sand and piaffing in the sea are proofs of pure freedom".


Jérôme Garcin Extract from "Cavalier seul" © Gallimard Editions