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Economy Tourism
June 12, 2015

12 coastal stories to share in an enriched version

In 2018, inDeauville had listed coastal stories to share within its territory made up of 11 municipalities *. This magazine-inspired guide comes out in a brand new, updated version. He does...

Economy Tourism
December 03, 2014

The Domaine de Villers, a hotel establishment in Villers-sur-Mer, joins the inDeauville network

The Domaine de Villers, a large Anglo-Norman house, is located on the heights of Villers-sur-Mer and overlooks the Seine estuary. Thousands of points at night...

April 06th

I'm shy but I heal

Direction Pierre Richard

It is one of the most hilarious scenes shot in Deauville. In this film released in 1978, Pierre Richard, of an unhealthy shyness, falls in love with a woman and follows her through France. The tall blond ...