Story 12: Playing at the casino

Story 12: Playing at the casino
Table gamesGuy Isaac

From the beginning of the 19th century, with the creation of specialized establishments
in England and then in France, sea bathing became fashionable.
The craze took hold with the rise of the railroad
and the promoters, sniffing out the good business, created
seaside resorts, some built from scratch,
others from existing cities.
Whether family or social, they included all the amenities
for vacationers: a bathing establishment to enjoy the benefits of
to enjoy the benefits of seawater, a seawall or a walk along the beach
or beachfront promenade to observe and show off,
a casino for entertainment and large hotels and villas for lodging and entertaining.
This is what we call today the seaside heritage!

Casino Barrière Deauville


Built in 1912, the Casino Barrière Deauville 's sumptuous setting is well worth a visit. Inspired by the Grand Trianon at the Château de Versailles, it boasts a large, elegant façade. A place for table games and slot machines, it also houses an Italian-style theater, a grand baroque-style salon, "Les Ambassadeurs", three restaurants, two bars and a nightclub. On the gaming side, you can try to get as close as possible to the number 21 on Blackjack, bet on a color on English Roulette, bluff on Texas Holdem or Ultimate Poker, bet on your lucky star on the Wheel of Fortune and hit the jackpot on one of the 300 slot machines.

The Casino Barrière Deauville: its terrace in full effervescence and a magnificent Italian-style theaterWilly Rizzo / Fabrice Rambert / Sandrine Boyer-Engel
The Casino Barrière Deauville: its terrace in full swing and a magnificent Italian-style theater © Willy Rizzo / Fabrice Rambert / Sandrine Boyer-Engel
Casino Tranchant of Villers-sur-Mer


In Villers-sur-Mer, nine casinos have been built since 1856 to symbolize the new fashionable seaside resort; the current Casino Tranchant dates from 1988. Games of chance or strategy, the casino offers 75 slot machines, a Blackjack table and another for English Roulette, as well as 5 electronic Roulette stations. Between two bets, you can enjoy a cocktail at the bar or eat on the terrace of the casino restaurant, facing the sea and its long beach. And for lovers of the seventh art, the casino also houses a cinema.

The Casino of Villers-sur-Mer was established in front of the sea in 1988City of Villers-sur-Mer
The Casino of Villers-sur-Mer was installed in front of the sea in 1988 © Ville de Villers-sur-Mer

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