Eric Héliot

Guest of the 2018 Books & Music Festival

Eric Héliot was born in 1959 in Petit Quevilly (Seine-Maritime). He lives in Normandy, in Rouen. After having studied Beaux-arts in Rouen and Le Havre, he became an illustrator of comics.  He published a first album titled Les muses with Éditions Zenda, a vast fresco combining all styles that he was going to develop in his painting and illustration works.   

Eric is also an illustrator for children. Un ange passe (Nathan) marked the beginning of his activity for children and teenagers. Having already published more than 50 books, Eric Héliot takes very seriously his young readers that he considers as adults, capable as nobody else to travel through a book, to capture all extraordinary or unusual details to better live in the real world.

Faithful to some authors, Eric Héliot has published, in collaboration with Pierre Le Gall, Le cancre et les martiens (Mango) and Mankpa Dpath (Petit à Petit), initiatory and ironic journey of a child and his cat in the terrifying kingdom of the Carpathians. He is also the illustrator of the texts of Italian author Davide Cali, such as  Piano, piano (Sarbacane), the history of a boy obliged by her mother to play piano or Bernard et moi, the history of two unusual friends, Le costume du Père Noël, La vie de Chapeau or also La revanche des aubergines.

Eric Héliot is particularly fond of absurd stories, representing an opportunity for him to express his elegant and off the wall technique. The series titled Constance et Miniature (Hachette), made with Pierre Le Gall, is a perfect illustration of his style.  

Since 2008, he has been often working with other authors: Cherchons loup sachant lire (Kaleidoscope) with Elisabeth Duval, Sigismond et les Rapapoux with Christine Naumann-Villemin, Je veux qu’on m’aime avec Alain Chiche, Inspecteur Cats (Actes Sud Junior) with Agnès Bihl. With Bayard, he has illustrated the famous American series by Ian Ogilvy Mignus Wisard.