Eric Héliot

Guest at the 2018 Books & Music Festival

Eric Heliot was born in 1959, in Petit Quevilly (Seine-Maritime). He lives in Normandy, in Rouen. After studying Fine Arts in Rouen and Le Havre, he became a cartoonist. He publishes a first album The Muses Editions Zenda, a vast fresco bringing together all the styles he later developed in his painting and illustration work. 

Eric also draws for children. Un ange passe (Nathan) marks the start of his children's book activities. With more than fifty titles already published, Eric Héliot takes his little readers very seriously, whom he considers grown-ups, capable like no other of traveling in a book, of attacking every marvelous or unusual detail, for the better. live in the world once the book is closed.

Faithful to a few authors, Eric Héliot notably published, in collaboration with Pierre Le Gall, The dunce and the Martians (Mango) and Mankpa Dpath (Little by little), initiatory and parodic journey of a child and his cat to the terrifying kingdom of the Carpathians. He also illustrates texts by Italian author Davide Cali, such as piano, piano (Mailify), story of a little boy forced by his mother to play the piano or Bernard and I, story of two friends like no other, Le costume of Santa Claus, Hat life or even Revenge of the Eggplant.

Eric Héliot is particularly fond of the absurd, which allows him to give free rein to his elegant and quirky graphics. Series Constance and Miniature (Hachette) with Pierre Le Gall is a perfect illustration. 

Since 2008, he has multiplied his collaborations with other authors: Looking for a wolf who can read (Kaleidoscope) with Elisabeth Duval, Sigismund and the Rapapoux with Christine Naumann-Villemin, I want to be loved with Alain Chiche, TheInspector Cats (Actes Sud Junior) with Agnès Bihl. At Bayard, he illustrates the famous American series by Ian Ogilvy Mignus Wisard.


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