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December 28, 2020

The Héli Evenement adventure

A meeting in Deauville

Axelle and Olivier Boutté are the head and the legs of their own airline of helicopters "Héli Evénement", based at the airport of Rouen. With them, we fly over Normandy and major French sporting events like the Dakar rally at the moment. She comes from the world of events, he from public works. She is from Fécampoise, he is from Rouen. They are partners of the InDeauville brand and we are already imagining a new exclusive inDeauville product where the helicopter would have its place. Meet.

Heli Evenement - Bab XIII portrait for vidion magazine - 1600x700
Axelle and Olivier Boutté - Portrait by Bab XIII for the magazine Visions

Helicopter pilot: the dream comes true

At first, it was a little boy's dream. That of Olivier Boutté, of becoming - like thousands of little boys - a helicopter pilot. A dream that never leaves him to the point that he decides after some time in the public works sector to obtain a professional pilot's license as part of a retraining. It was in 2003.
Diploma in hand, Olivier continues on his way. He knows that it is impossible to be a salaried pilot with very few flying hours.
The only solution is to buy a helicopter and set up your own company. He spotted a twin-blade helicopter for sale in Huston, Texas. He goes there, and with his mechanic meets owners who will really help him. He's a great role model for a young pilot. The sale is closed in February. Flight tests will take place six months later in June and mid-September. The "machine" finally arrives in Le Havre by boat. 
Operation can then begin. 
Axelle, wife of Olivier, has worked for a long time in the world of trade fairs and major professional events. His experience will be useful for him to study tourist circuits, to offer them for sale, to organize first flights. 
Five difficult years will follow to make itself known. They prospect a lot, in particular the committees of the festivals of communes. They link up with television producers to get cameramen on board.

2011 marks a new stage. They buy a French Tri-blade model, the Ecureuil. This new machine offers better visibility for passengers. It is also more spacious and more versatile: lifting of loads, shots, circuits, first flights ... From the first year, a partnership is established with HBG Helicoptères Groupe, to monitor major sporting events. French: the Rally Raid Dakar, the Armada, the Paris-Roubaix, or the Route du Rhum. 

Fly over the most beautiful Normandy sites with respect

Heli Event - landing beaches 721x500
The landing beachesHeli Events
Heli Event - pegasus bridge - 721x500
Pegasus Bridge and OuistrehamHéli Events
Heli Event - Cote Fleurie - 721 x500
The Côte Fleurie - DeauvilleHéli Events
Héli Event - the Cliffs of Etretat 721x500
The Cliffs of EtretatHéli Events

The dream is also accessible to everyone. In her office with a view of the runways of Rouen airport, Axelle Boutté is developing circuit schedules to see Normandy differently. 
Deauville, the Pont de Normandie, Honfleur, the Côte Fleurie, the Falaises d'Etretat, the landing beaches, Pégasus Bridge, the Locks of Pause, the loops of the Seine ... Ten to thirty minutes are enough to see from very high the most beautiful Normandy sites, with five people per flight. Axelle, a reassuring hostess, recounts the emotion of the passengers, the apprehension, the wonder. She likes to make dreams come true and see dreams come true.
The company Héli Evénement also offers on-demand commercial flights or air taxi services for tourists (90% Americans) on a discovery trip in France. 
2021 will perhaps be the year of a new "machine" to develop another part of the activity: load lifting. The new helicopter should also allow one more person on board.

Their favorite flights 
The entrance to Ouistreham, the Côte Fleurie. 

Their leitmotif 
Fly high so as not to disturb (350 meters minimum but often more), protect local residents, preserve the life of tourist sites, respect memory, in particular on the landing beaches.

In project
A reception desk in the new Deauville Normandy terminal.