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Dominic hawgood

Young talent photographer of the 2014 Planche (s) Contact festival

© Dominic Hawgood for Contact Board (s) 2014

Building the 'Real'

"In its simplest form, my work is interested in the real to the virtual. I am fascinated by technology and eager to find new ways of making images; I also like to extract things from the real world. I observe , I study and I isolate objects, I often rework them in the studio, always with this desire to conjure something up by this work, in an attempt to take the spectator somewhere.Planche (s) Contact allowed me to thinking about how to bring my practice closer to the world of computer generated imagery. Through a process based on photography but dependent on software, I opted for the idea of ​​commercialism by considering it in virtual terms. scanned objects with a camera, then used these images to create data points which were then translated into a 3D model, on which a virtual "varnish" was applied. The geometry lay in the production via rendering software which m allowed us to imagine a new studio environment while exploring the possibilities offered by a new digital aesthetic. "