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Betty guzzo

Guest of Art Shopping 2020

Betty Guzzo was born in 1958 and has exhibited for over 30 years. The opening, until the end of 2019, of a workshop-gallery in the historic center of Bayeux has fostered very wide recognition, local and foreign (USA, Canada, Nordic countries etc.). His different series of paintings, on canvas or on paper (acrylic or mixed media) tend towards an abstract expression that can be qualified as "non-figurative".
Normandy inspires him. Its coastal landscapes, its sky, are worked in acrylics with evocative titles. But his most emblematic creations are characterized by a rigorous and eloquent construction. Thus, the series "Rectangle Blanc", "Chests and Boxes" etc .., with a meticulous outline in powerful colors, they depict a kind of architecture with mysterious poetry. The artist gives free rein to the imagination while provoking questions: where are we? who are we? where are we going?

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