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Isabelle Guyomarch

Speaker at the Forum Femmes & Challenges 2019

President of CCI Productions, founder of the Ozalys Laboratory and author of "Combattante et Cancer Survivor engaged"

President of the CCI Productions Group based in Normandy, which she took over and transformed in 2008 and now includes 250 employees, 80% of whom are women.
For more than ten years at the service of the biggest perfume and cosmetic companies, she launched Ozalys in 2017 after fighting breast cancer. A revolution in the world of beauty, this French dermo-cosmetic brand of high design which will have required 3 years of research, was imagined by women for women affected by cancer, all over the world.

Its Engine: "In life, there are necessary changes. We control some, we suffer others. But when we can act, you have to know how to seize your chance".