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Güttinger Chalet


In the heart of the Saint-Gatien forest, this Swiss-inspired private wooden chalet, surrounded by a balcony-overhanging roof, was built around 1820 by Ulrich Güttinger, leader of the romantic school of Swiss origin. The house provided Ulrich Güttinger with the calm he longed for. Located in the middle of lush greenery between rhododendrons and hydrangeas, there were many varieties of flowers, greenhouses, greenhouse, vegetable garden and orchard. Important horticultural festivals took place in this park established in full forest which made the admiration of all.

Frequenting the Salon de l'Arsenal, Ulrich Güttinger often received here the great literature and arts of his time who liked to come and relax: Victor and Adèle Hugo, Alfred de Musset, Charles-Augustin Sainte-Beuve, Alexandre Dumas, Gustave Flaubert, Charles Baudelaire, Théophile Gautier, Frédéric Chopin ... "I am writing to you from the Chalet de Guttlnguer, where I have been for two days and where I would like to see you. I am in the delight of the Chalet and its forest. It is now magnificent. All day long, watching the sea which is very close to us, as the onlooker watches the water flowing. I am dazzled by all these splendors ". Alfred de Musset, 1819.

Around 1950, the chalet housed some summer camps. Now abandoned, the remains of the chalet are walled up.

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