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To know everything about paleontology in Normandy

Searching for fossils at the Vaches Noires cliffsJulien Boisard

La visit the cliffs of Vaches Noires, allows you to discover the history of this landscape and to familiarize yourself with the many fossils for which this site is famous. Accessible to all, this two-hour visit at the foot of the Vaches Noires cliffs allows you to learn about fossil hunting, to understand why the cliffs are so rich and how the site has evolved since prehistoric times. 

La crossing the Black Cow cliffs is longer than the previous one, with a 6km walk on the beach from Villers-sur-Mer to Houlgate. It allows us to go further in understanding fossils, their discoveries and the composition of the Black Cow cliffs.

At the Paléospace, during guided tour on dinosaurs, visitors are immersed in the world of these great terrestrial reptiles whose fossils have been found in Norman rocks. The museum mediator learns to recognize the different dinosaurs, to understand their particularities, their ways of life, why they disappeared and if they have descendants. 

La Jurassic Odyssey guided tour makes discover the Jurassic world in a playful way with a mediator of the Paléospace thanks to the important collection of fossils of the museum, coming directly from the cliffs of the Black Cows at the edge of the beach of Villers-sur-Mer. These fossils bear witness to a bygone era when huge marine reptiles hunted crocodiles and ammonites in a warm sea and allow children to discover these different species and how they became fossils. 

Villers sur mer, the Jurassic beach (France 3 Normandy report)


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