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A guide full of information on the tourist economy in Deauville to better share it with you. You could find a lot of useful information there. Take the time to download it to better take advantage of all the Deauville synergy.


Did you know?

In 2015, Deauville climbed the podium 5 times in various tourism and media rankings. Rankings that confirm its position as a short-stay destination boosted by a strong event policy.


It inspires us and you?

In 2014, 70% of French people who went on vacation in 2014 prepared their stay on the internet, 45% booked their stay on the internet and 70% shared their vacation on social networks.

Useful figures to rethink tourist information differently.


Are you one of them?
A new website has just been born to promote Deauville. A digital home that welcomes all the places, all the shops, all the skills and all the talents of Deauville. 

Visit it here and join:


Two major projects in 2016, do you know them?

Deauville Tourisme will move to the Presqu'ile next October. At the same time, the Deauville brand will take on a new dimension.


South Korea or Germany?

International prospecting is today 13 countries prospected. And tomorrow ?


Is there a match?

Lawn tennis or clay tennis? In 2016, the choice becomes possible in Deauville and for our visitors, it's two good reasons to come! And there are many others…


10 times more attractiveness?

In 2016, the events calendar welcomes 10 new events. From April to December, a hectic pace.




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