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Photographer invited to the Planche (s) Contact festival in 2013

© Harry Gruyaert
© Julien Bolle

European forerunner of color photography, long considered vulgar, Harry Gruyaert has photographed European and African coasts for years

Born in 1941 in Antwerp, Belgium, he began his career in the 60s as director of photography for Flemish television.

It was in 1965 during a first trip to Morocco that his vision of the world changed. In 1972, Harry Gruyaert moved to Paris. In 1976 he received the First Kodak Prize for Photographic Criticism, then became a member of the Magnum agency in 1981.

At Deauville, he must have, at least, pedaled a good hundred kilometers. At each clear break, he would get on his bike, and rush off in search of the colors of the city. On July 14, 2013, it was filled with a record of sunshine! Acidulous, even psychedelic, and flashy colors. Like a Pop painting!

« Color is a way to sculpt what I see. The color does not illustrate a subject or the scene that I photograph, it is a value in itself. It’s even the emotion of photography ».