John Grisham

Lucien-Barrière Literary Prize 2018

44th American Film Festival

Each year, the jury of six journalists and writers, composed of Ariane Bois Heilbronn, François Forestier, Jean-Claude Lamy, Eric Neuhoff, Patrick Poivre d'Arvor and Colombe Schneck, awards the Lucien-Barrière Literary Prize during the Film Festival American from Deauville, under the benevolence of Béatrice Nakache.

The 2018 Lucien-Barrière Literary Prize is awarded to the novel: "Le cas fitzgerald" by John Grisham. On the occasion of his coming, the Festival will present three cinematographic adaptations of his work.

Born in 1955 in the United States, John Grisham is the author of 29 fiction novels, a witness novel and six books for young people. Graduated from a law degree, he joined a law office where he worked for ten years, specializing in criminal cases. In 1984, during a trial, he was overwhelmed by the testimony of a child victim of rape and decided to write his first novel, "Not guilty". Many of his novels belong to the sub-genre of the judicial novel.
Several of his works have been adapted for the cinema, including "The Firm" by Sydney Pollack (1993), "The Pelican Affair" by Alan J. Pakula (1993), "The Client" by Joel Schumacher (1994), "The Idealist" by Francis Ford Coppola (1997), or "The Gingerbread Man" by Robert Altman (1998).

His novel "The Fitzgerald Case": Evildoers rob the library of Princeton University. Their loot is said to be priceless, but Princeton insured it for twenty-five million dollars. Bruce Cable has a famous bookstore in Santa Rosa, a quiet town on Camino Island, Florida. Although his business was successful, the money came mainly from the trade in collectibles. Few people, however, know that Cable often uses the black market and that manuscripts and stolen works pass through its hands. Mercer Mann is a young novelist. She suffers from acute blank page anxiety and has just lost her teaching position. She is contacted by a mysterious woman working for an equally mysterious company. He is offered a tidy sum to infiltrate Bruce Cable and his circle of friends of literature. His mission is to get close enough to him and discover his secrets. But Mercer will learn too much, and the trouble will begin. Heaven will become hell, a relentless metamorphosis that only John Grisham can tell.



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