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Anne-Lise Broyer


Guest Photographer - 2021 Contact Plates

Anne-Lise Broyer

Anne-Lise Broyer, born in 1975, lives and works in Paris. She declares that it is as a reader that she approaches the world. She goes further by claiming that the experience of photography merges with that of reading. His eye would circulate in the landscape the way it circulates in the book, hunting down the presence that grabs, demands, frightens or delights.

Where the writer would take out her notebook, Anne-Lise Broyer takes out her camera and creates an image. Landscapes or portraits, still lifes, in black and white most often, as if to find the gray of the text or something like gray matter. Pensive images rather than thought. She wishes to make the place of revelation represented by the photograph the analogue of a mental space where something would take shape, a memory, a reminiscence or a vision, a fantasy. Photography has no interest for her except in this permanent questioning that she can maintain with the other arts: cinema of course, but also painting, drawing, engraving ... She is inspired by it to nourish an imaginary but also, to question the nature of reality, as if a fabricated image, an image of art, could just as easily serve as a subject or a pretext. Create a dialogue between images (the inter-image), create series, play with formats, silences, blanks, rhythms ... all of this matters to him. The book is like a miniature scenography, the enlarged expression of which can be found in the scenographies of its exhibitions. Willingly borrowing the paths of graphics, drawing and writing, she seeks through this hybridization to set up a kind of photographic literature. Anne-Lise Broyer's work conveys an element of mystery, but perhaps her secret does not lie so much on the side of the thing seen as on the side of the beholder. She exhibits regularly in France and abroad. His works are published by Editions Filigranes as well as Editions Nonpareilles.

Anne-Lise Broyer in Normandy - It's been so long since I gave up these novels.

It is in the Normandy of writers that Anne-Lise Broyer takes us. She speaks here "of Normandy as a place of writing, of drawing a line that connects books between them, moments of life which have little in common except a territory and the fact that 'they constitute for [her] a real awakening to the literary as well as political world. This set of images crossed by current events, questions the return of this memory to the present, the story that is replayed, while showing the place where, for these authors, writing took shape. "


Installation and projection

Les Franciscaines, 145b Avenue de la République - Tuesday to Sunday 10:30 am to 18:30 pm