© Sandrine Boyer
© Sandrine Boyer

Photographer of the main Impressionism venues

Christoph Grill was born in 1965 in Austria; he lives and works in Graz. He became an independent photographer after studying biology and anthropology and graduating in 2000. He created singular documentaries, in the style of plastic art, filmed panoramically on the bombed buildings of Kazakhstan, the drying of the Aral sea, soldiers and victims, guardians of war ruins… This work was combined into a book: Shorts Stalks at Distant Schores, Hatje Kantz editions(2012). During the autumn of 2012, Christoph Grill realized a series of photographs on the beaches of Higher-Normandy and Finistère focusing on the landscapes by presenting their space and the way people experienced it. Commissioned by the City of Deauville, he returned during the spring of 2013 on the sites and beaches where Boudin, Courbet, and Monet used to come and paint. His double vision combining paintings of the past and today’s photography was the object of an exhibition presenting in diptychs, 22 reproductions of paintings with contemporary photographs.

Christoph Grill works with film and silver photography.