Brian griffin

Photographer invited to the Planche (s) Contact festival in 2015

© Brian Griffin
© Sandrine Boyer Angel

Feet on the ground

Deauville, Brian Griffin, influenced by the imagery of expressionist cinema, went to meet the Conseil des Sages, made up of twenty personalities from Deauville who have invested a lot in local public life. He produced an original series of 20 portraits, recognizable by the strength of his framing, his sense of situation and his singular mastery of artificial light.

Known worldwide for his black and white portraits staged in enclosed spaces or natural settings, Brian Griffin was discovered in France, in Arles, in 1987. He began by imagining the photos of the album covers of Iggy Pop , by Ian Durry, Joe Jackson, Dépêche Mode, Peter Gabriel, Simple Minds or Ringo Star, before devoting himself to an important creative, inventive and daring creation.

Brian Griffin exhibited between 1984 and 2014 in Tokyo, Hamburg, Houston, Cologne, Amsterdam, Prague, Barcelona, ​​Milan, Ghent, Stockholm, Antwerp, Montreal, etc. He is the author and director in 2004 of a documentary commissioned by and on Paul McCartney. In 2009, the Rencontres d'Arles devoted a large exhibition to him. Brian Griffin received a major photographic commission from the London Olympics (2009) and was invited for the only photographic commission for Marseille 2013, where he produced a remarkable series of portraits of dockworkers. The National Portrait Gallery in London devoted a large retrospective to him in 2010.

Brian Griffin's photos can be found in the public collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum and in the museums of Edinburgh, Essen, Birmingham, Reykjavik and Braga. Brian Griffin has published fifteen books and collections of his photographs, very beautiful object books, which have now become highly sought after and highly prized photography books.

Brian Griffin is Associate Professor at the University of Bologna and Honorary Doctor Causa at the University of Birmingham since 2014.

Brian Griffin about his exhibit Feet on the ground :
"Photographed in a day studio, here in Deauville, with a view of the magnificent beach, Feet on the ground is a conceptual series of photographs in which the shoe becomes an integral part of the subject itself, in a practical and stylistic way. These shoes support the portrait of taste of the women or men who put them on, as they graze the surface of the streets of Deauville. Just as they help to easily transport the person who wears them, shoes connect their owner physically to the city ...
Each subject arrived at my workshop with their favorite pair of shoes. We asked each of them to be expressive with one or two shoes. All the creative ideas come from the models, the only responsibility of the photographer was to capture them in the photo! "


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