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Celia Gregot


Guest of the 2021 L'Appel du Large festival

Born in 1985, Célia Grégot lives and works between Paris and Therdonne (Picardy). Graduated from ENSBA Paris in 2011 in the studio of Philippe Cognée, she has been practicing painting and sculpture. In 2013, she co-founded "La Menuiserie", an association of visual artists, based in Therdonne, where she has her roots. Bringing together artists with diverse practices, the association has carried out exhibition and residency projects in a place offering common and private workshops and shared logistical resources.

Since then, she has participated in solo and group exhibitions such as "Le Palais des Monteurs" at the Palais de Tokyo, "Paysages sous influence" at the Safran in Amiens, "Colocation" at the Rostropovitch Auditorium in Beauvais, or even "Statu Quo" in the Maison des Arts in Laon. She continues to divide her time between Paris and Therdonne, where her workshop is still located.


As part of the L'Appel du Large festival which will take place from July 2 to 4, 2021, Célia Grégot will transform a beach cabin. More information on L'Appel du Large here.