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Hiking of the Côte Fleurie
April 8
Several departures for this great hike linking Caen to Villers-sur-Mer. It is open to all, from amateur walkers to experienced hikers. Choose the length of your itinerary: 20, 30 or 50 km!

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Open Deauville-Trouville
June 13 > 16
Some weeks before the kick-off of the Wimbledon tournament, training at the Lawn tennis-club is a good opportunity.

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Deauville International Triathlon
June 22 & 24
This triathlon competition, available in three formats (long distance, Olympic distance and initiation, is adjusted to any age and athletic preparation. About 7,000 participants in 2017: a great competition.

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La Normandique
July 1
5th edition of this day-event of Nordic walking taking place in the Côte Fleurie, along the beaches of Tourgéville, Deauville, Bénerville/Mer, Blonville/Mer and Villers/mer.

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21 km run among sea, mountains and marshes
September 30
Choose among three races taking place in the fields and discover beautiful landscapes between the sea and the Pays d’Auge countryside. For the first time from Blonville-sur-mer.

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