Exhibition - Françoise Sagan: Life and freedom, writing and need
February 10th > March 11
This mobile exhibition is the first dedicated to Françoise Sagan. It has been conceived for the inauguration of the Françoise Sagan media library in Paris in Spring 2015. Enriched since then, it is now hosted at the Point de Vue, in Deauville.

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Naïade Plante

Books & Music Festival
April 13 > 15
In 2018, the Books & Music Festival celebrates its 15th birthday! Being 15 means adolescence, the age of everything-is-possible, dreams, metamorphosis. It is the time of dissent, the time of protest. And artists, writers, musicians play an important role in the art of revolt. It is to this aesthetic and subjective fresco that the festival will echo, by putting the spotlight on literature and music of dissent. It also reminds that 50 years have passed from the events of May ‘68.

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Julien Mignot

Easter Festival - 22th edition
April 14 > 30
For over twenty years, the Easter Festival has been organized in Deauville in April. For the Easter Festival, about one hundred young instrumentalists can meet and create diverse ensembles, from trios to orchestras, to play chamber music and modern music. A fascinating program that joins three generations of performers and groups.

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Les Médiévales de Touques
On the occasion of its medieval festivals, Touques plunges back into the atmosphere of the time when the city had a very active commercial port protected by a fortified castle which was one of the main homes of the Dukes of Normandy. Touques was the second metropolis of the Pays d'Auge. Besides, William the Conqueror, King of England at the time, came here to inspect his Norman duchy.

Julien Boisard

30th Sable Show Festival
July 13 > August 24

The Sable Show Festival celebrates its 30th anniversary under the sun of Villers-sur-Mer. Today more than ever, the festival finds out and proposes artistic projects in which it believes, giving priority to creative minds. The eclectic program is a mix of novelties and proposals made by the public. From the French chanson to rock and jazz, the festival is open to any kind of music, mixing novelties and tradition.

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Eugène BOUDIN, L'Avenue de Villers à Deauville, nouvellement avenue de la République

Summer exhibition: Painting in Normandy
July 1 > September 15
Every year, the summer exhibition reveals part of the collection of the Franciscaines, future place of cultural exchange and profusion of the City of Deauville. In 1992, the Regional Council of Normandy decided to create a collection titled « Peindre en Normandie » (Painting in Normandy), covering the period from 1750 to 1950. In 2018, the City will inaugurate at the Point de Vue an exhibition collecting the works of Bonnard, Dufy, Boudin and many other painters, belonging to the above-mentioned collection and completed by further works of the Franciscaines.

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Musical August Festival

July 28 > August 11
Created in 2002 with the aim of discovering more young soloists and playing even more music, the Musical August was launched as a studious and joyful antechamber to the Easter Festival. About fifteen young soloists play baroque music as academy and residence.

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28th New Talents & Guests Festival
August 16 > 23
Flagship event of Villers-sur-mer, the festival of New Talents offers an original always renewed program. With about 8 concerts given by different musicians every year, it makes the audience enjoy works to discover and rediscover through exceptional performers.

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4th Book Fair
August 19
It welcomes regional authors but also distinguished guests: Agnès Soral, Michel De Decker, Caroline Loeb, Bernard Menez, Vladimir Fédorovski, Eva Darlan, Philippe Graton… A growing success patrocinated by fil director Claude Lelouch, a long-time lover of the Côte Fleurie.

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5th Villerville Festival
August 30 > September 2
The Villerville Festival tells the artistic history of Villerville and perpetuates its soul with the renewed ambition of hosting artists. ​

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1616 Prod

American Film Festival
August 31 > September 9
Essential event of the film back, with the presentation of more than 100 films, including an official competition dedicated to independent films. Tributes, documentaries, reviews, TV series and script-writing classes are spicing a constantly evolving festival, open to the public.

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Planche(s) Contact Festival
October 20 > November 25
Photographers are invited in residence with instructions to match their world and their photographic language with one of the facets of Deauville. On the same principle, some young European talents will compete to win the Planche(s) Contact Fondation Louis Roederer Prize.

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