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In the 30s, photographer Roger Schall (1904-1995) was engulfed in the media revolution constituted by the birth of the illustrated press. He is one of the first followers of Rolleiflex and its square images. He then established himself as one of the best French photoreporters. Multiplying reports and orders for: VU, Match, L'Illustration, Marie-Claire,… he discovered Deauville in 1934 and produced until 1950 many images, with rigorous compositions. Remained, to this day, new.

Acrobats bathers on the beach of Deauville summer 1934 © Roger Schall
Maurice Chevalier at the Bar du Soleil in Deauville summer 1934 © Roger Schall

It was at the request of Lucien Vogel, director of the magazine VU, that Roger Schall went to Deauville for the first time in the summer of 1934. He understood the rituals and various activities. He explores the beach during the day, with his bathers, his children, his celebrities and his elegant ladies. He attends the gala dinners and restores the atmosphere of the casino in the evenings. He follows automobile elegance contests, races and sales of yearlings, golf games and pigeon shooting. He also surveyed the yacht basin and its flags and followed the activities of the Deauville Yacht Club. He is one of the only photographers to have also photographed the religious processions of August 15. Rarely has a photographer in reporting reported so many different and complementary facets of Deauville. In May 1935, at the request of Compagnie Générale Transatlantique Roger Schall was the only accredited photographer for the inaugural cruise of the ocean liner Normandy. As soon as he returned from the United States, seduced by Deauville and his activities, he returned there in the summer of 1935, then in 1936 to discover the first summer of the first paid holidays in Deauville.

Maurice Chevalier at the Bar du Soleil in Deauville summer 1934 © Roger Schall


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This original exhibition created for Planche (s) Contact 2018, is presented outdoors on the beach of Deauville. It reproduces in twenty-five large formats, on structures 3 meters high, photographs, mostly unpublished and never published, taken in Deauville between 1934 and 1950.

An exhibition designed by Philippe Normand, Artistic Director of Planche (s) Contact 2018, in collaboration with Jean-Frédéric Schall, fis of the photographer.