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Taste the terroir of the Pays d'Auge

A bucolic postcard from Normandy, the Pays d'Auge is an essential destination for its gastronomy. Symbols of the soil, Camembert, Pont-l'Evêque, Cider and of course Calvados - the Norman elixir par excellence - reflect Norman know-how internationally. Manufacturing secrets, products from the sea, from the land or freshly picked from orchards ... Between distilleries, cider fields and markets, come and meet these local producers who perpetuate the Norman culinary tradition from generation to generation.

1. Walk the aisles of the market


On the village squares or under the wooden halls, the markets are essential to taste the local gastronomy. From 8:00 am, you rush into the producers' stalls, basket in hand, according to your whim, your eyes drawn to the trolleys loaded with beautiful multicolored goods. Fresh fish descended directly from the boat, passing through shellfish, poultry, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, spices, country ham and terrines, you can walk there to stock up on local specialties .

InDeauville markets here

2. Take part in a taste and educational visit


For a fun multi-sensory experience, direction Calvados Experience, museum entirely dedicated to the history of Calvados. With light effects and the reconstruction of a medieval village, you will find yourself in the heart of an orchard, learning the secrets of Calvados making by going to its origin: apples. The route tells the mysteries and legends of its production, giving birth to only one desire: to taste this nectar of the Gods. The visit ends with a tasting of the finest Calvados from the Magloire cellar where you learn to taste it pure as well as in a cocktail with its colleagues: apple juice, cider and pommeau.

It is in the heart of the Pays d'Auge, in Livarot, that the Graindorge cheese dairy has produced the four most emblematic PDO cheeses in the region since 1910: Livarot, Pont-l'Evêque, Camembert and Neufchâtel. Through a corridor of glass galleries, discover the different stages in the production of these soft cheeses from the arrival of the milk to their packaging. After the visit, head to the Cheese Bar to savor a gourmet plate with a choice of a tasting of the four PDO cheeses accompanied by bread and cider, a palette of six cheeses to compose yourself or the oven-roasted camembert.

3. Picnic in the heart of the cider fields


Every summer, the Manor of Apreval, a family-owned cider estate, offers baskets of country picnics with local and artisanal products to be savored in the grass on a tablecloth or on a table outside. The baskets are topped with terrine, cheeses, wood-fired bread, fruit and vegetables, artisanal caramels and, of course, cider, calvados and pommeau for adults or apple juice. Have you fallen in love? The Manoir d'Apreval also organizes guided tours presenting the techniques of apple picking and brewing, the fermentation of ciders and the secrets of mutage of the pommel.

At the company Calvados Drouin, the guided tour is not just a discovery of the family distillery; you can extend it with a lunch under the apple trees. A basket of regional products (apple juice or cider, baguette and cheese, Norman terrine, Teurgoule, the famous Norman rice pudding, madeleine) is tasted with a view of the half-timbered buildings, postcard from the Augeron landscape.

© Vincent Rustuel / Calvados Attractiveness

4. Enjoy a platter of seafood


Fish and seafood are one of the specialties of the Normandy region. All year round, gray shrimp sits on restaurant menus. In summer, fishermen fill up on mussels, sole, lobster and mackerel before harvesting the traditional scallops in winter. Available directly in local markets, they are even better cooked by our chefs. The Ciro's is a renowned address in seafood and fish which appears in all the gastronomic reference guides. Trays, seafood dishes, bouillabaisse and other crustaceans are served with your feet in the sand. At Sea Bar, we gladly taste the Saint-Vaast oysters, prawns and whelks on the edge of the legendary Deauville boards. Maritime atmosphere in the restaurant Augusto at Laurent with a decoration inspired by a yacht cabin. In addition to the traditional dishes based on fresh fish, the restaurant menu offers savor lobsters in all their forms: baked, flambé or fricassee.

5. Pair the Calvados and Norman cheeses


It is in the heart of the Pays d'Auge, in Pont-l'Evêque, that the distillery Calvados Drouin produces artisanal cider, pommeau and calvados for three generations. Epicureans will find their happiness with the formula "Gourmet regional pairings", a taste experience where the products of the distillery blend harmoniously with the delicious cheeses from Normandy.

Au Château du Breuil, your five senses will be awakened during the visit "GourmetYou will learn the art of food and Calvados pairings with Chef Mathieu Le Guillois, owner of the restaurant Le Dauphin in Breuil-en-Auge. The visit also gives you the privilege of discovering the backstage of the castle, usually closed to the public .

All the distilleries in the area offer classic guided tours with a tasting. To discover them, it's here.

6. Create your own Calvados


Live the unique experience of creating your own Calvados thanks to a private visit to Château du Breuil ! More than just a tasting workshop, learn about wine tasting and compose the assembly of this nectar so typical of the Pays d'Auge on the expert advice of the château's experts. At the end of the visit, you leave with your bottle, to taste the same evening with friends or to age for a few years.

7. Crunch the homemade ice cream


Ice star inDeauville, the glacier of Martine lambert has been treating visitors and locals for over 40 years. His secret? Use healthy products, full of vitamins, based on fresh fruit and Normandy milk to compose your ice creams and sorbets. Stop for a gourmet break to taste its passion fruit sorbet of Maracuja from Brazil or the famous "Succulent", three-layer iced cake made with hazelnut praline, chocolate, caramel in copper cauldron, almonds and hazelnuts roasted, equatorial chocolate sauce. A treat made inDeauville!

At theLuc's workshop, we come to taste the creations of Luc Lemière, Master ice-cream maker from Normandy. Its full fruit sorbets and ice creams are made with farm milk from its native region.


Calvados Père Magloire

Château du Breuil

Norman PDO cheeses

Bucolic setting at the Manoir d'Apreval

Gourmet picnic

Homemade ice cream at Martine Lambert


Where to sleep ?


In a green setting close to the Manoir d'Apreval, the hotel The Gardens of Coppélia seduces with its atypical Norman manor architecture and its design combining innovative concept, charm and authenticity. Overlooking the sea, its gourmet restaurant The Capucine stands out with a high quality "natural" wine list, specially selected from winemakers who love the land and their profession.

In Trouville, put your suitcases atHotel Le Central ***, which faces the harbor. In the early morning, you will be able to observe from your window the fishermen unloading their fresh fish on the stalls to prepare the traditional market of the Fish Market. Get out of your room and go to meet them along the quays, you will discover all the flavors of the sea according to the seasons that make up the menu of the essential Le Central Brewery.

Legendary address inDeauville, theHotel Barrière Le Normandy ***** charms by the elegance of its Anglo-Norman architecture and its Belle Epoque atmosphere. Gourmets like to stay there while enjoying its restaurant The good times and its classic cuisine from Normandy.

Coppélia room
The Gardens of Coppélia © Patricia Juret
Hotel Central
The Hotel Le Central © Bielsa
Normandy bedroom 1
The Hotel Barrière Le Normandy © Fabrice Rambert

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