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Managing stress in Thalasso

8 stays to regain sleep

Professional life, daily worries, emotional exhaustion ... Stress and bad nights repeatedly can have harmful repercussions on health. To prevent possible symptoms of exhaustion and reconnect with restful nights, cures and stopovers have been created based on hydrotherapy with anti-stress virtues, back massages to relieve tension and sports sessions to relearn listening to sound. body.


All cures and stopovers include hydromassage baths, hydrojets or remineralizing wraps in their programs. Marine care during an anti-stress treatment helps to recharge the body with trace elements and minerals, essential for regaining balance, like seaweed and sea mud wraps. In seawater heated between 32 ° C and 37 ° C, the hydromassage baths relax the muscles thanks to its underwater jets. Coupled with these treatments, the hydrojet invites you to relax by lying on a mattress and enjoying the jets of hot water pulsed all along the body; the heat of the water promotes restful sleep. The goal of these programs is not only to regain well-being, but to make it sustainable.


Massages have undeniable anti-stress properties. Among the most recognized, Shiatsu, originally from Japan, aims to rebalance energy. The practitioner exerts pressure with the thumb or the hand along the acupuncture meridians in order to regulate the tensions. The journey continues in India with the Ayurvedic massage, performed on the whole body with sesame oil. Reflexology, whether plantar or cranial, is an effective modeling of the reflex points connected to the organs of the body. Pressures on well-defined areas act on all manifestations linked to stress and make it possible to revive and balance the general metabolism.


In addition to traditional treatments, the programs include treatments promoting relaxation in their planning. For breathing exercises, sophrology supports people who have difficulty falling asleep or waking up at night. Indoors, in heated seawater pools or in the wilderness, respirology sessions are provided to regain control of the breath and feel it again by targeting breathing spaces such as the ribs, upper back, stomach and shoulders. All these sessions aim to acquire good habits during the Thalasso and to perpetuate them long after the stay.

Our selection of stays

Stress-Less Cure, Anti Burn-Out Cure, Cure Stop Fatigue & Sleep Cap Cure - 2 to 5 days at the Thalasso Deauville by Algotherm

Combining the benefits of Spa and Thalasso, these
four cures are based on hydromassage baths, hydrojets, affusion massage or plantar and cranial reflexology. Objective: recharge the batteries and regain balance and well-being. All the cures are carried out over 2 days; only the Cure Cap Sommeil to extend up to 5 days.

Stress-Less Cure, 2 days - from € 422.
Anti Burn-Out Cure, 2 days - from € 472.
Cure Stop Fatigue, 2 days - from € 472.
Cure Cap Sommeil, 2 days ou 5 days - from € 472.

My Zen Break, My Sleep Bath Break & My D-Stress Break - 1 to 6 days at Cures Marines Trouville

React before exhaustion and find a balance, this is what Ma Pause Zen offers which concentrates 3 essential thalassotherapy treatments and Ma Pause D-Stress, with relaxing treatments
(body wrap, Zen massage) and gentle activities (respirology sessions, Aquarelax, micro-nap). To repair the nights by acting on the days, Ma Pause Bain de Sommeil navigates between specific relaxing Thalasso treatments in relaxation sessions (Do-in, directed breathing, micro-nap ...), all coached by an expert.

My Zen Break, 1 to 3 days - from € 155 per day.
My Sleep Bath Break, 6 days - from € 180 per day.
My D-Stress Break, 4 to 6 days - from € 215 per day.

Oxygen & Sea stopover & Zen Relaxation Stopover - 3 days at Thalazur Cabourg

The “Oxygène et Mer” stopover is dedicated to various activities and treatments related to breathing and energy recovery. These have a role in combating: fatigue, stress or even problems related to sleep. Between Californian massage,
Modeling under a fine rain of seawater and copper-colored scrub with Dead Sea salts, the Zen Relaxation Stopover helps to find calm and release tensions.

Oxygen & Sea stopover - from € 744 (with accommodation) / from € 498 (without accommodation).
Zen Relaxation Stopover - from € 744 (with accommodation) / from € 498 (without accommodation).

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