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Deauville-Trouville station

Often compared to the Pointe Noire station in Congo, the Deauville-Trouville station was designed by the same architect, Jean Philippot. It was inaugurated on July 26, 1931 by Raoul Dautry, then director general of the State Railways Administration.

The first station was built in 1865 when Deauville was created. But faced with the massive influx of travelers, it appeared necessary, from 1909, to expand the facilities. The project was finally adopted in 1930.
Common in Deauville and Trouville, it is a network head station whose plan is logically organized in a U. Norman style by the use of local materials (bricks, Bavent tiles) and by the half-timbered, it n '' remains no less modern by its volumes - the semi-cylindrical hall - and the use of concrete.

Take the time to look at the details:
- the two frescoes produced by Louis Houpin, one representing a plan of Deauville-Trouville, the second a map of Normandy.
- the red and yellow cobblestones and the lights that line the quays

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