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The tenant of cabin 152

Pascal Jardin (1934-1980), novelist, dialogist, night owl, ... was the screenwriter of: Angelique, The Cat, The Widow Couderc, The Old Gun ...He is also the author of novels devoted to his father : The war at nine, The yellow dwarf,… In 1997, he became the hero of a novel written by his son, Alexandre Jardin: the Zubial. Pascal Jardin was a regular at Deauville, which his Norman family frequented a lot and where he was a tenant in cabin 152….

A small circle of initiates knows this cabin but also the tens of thousands of readers of Pascal Jardin's books: “ The war at nine "," The yellow dwarf "," The Beast good god. " The filmmaker-novelist evokes it in his memories. Baby then little boy, he created his worlds of sand as later, he built scenarios and dialogues from a hundred films: The Old Rifle, The Chat , La veuve Couderc » Angelic » Felines etc… Exceptionally gifted, he was the author of great successes that the diffusions on television make discover with the young generations.

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