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Every morning on the inDeauville beaches, the horses enjoy the benefits of sea water and relax after a training, a race or a competition. A thalassotherapy highly beneficial for their well-being. An unforgettable spectacle to see while staying at a distance, early in the morning or at sunset in the evening.
A code of good conduct defines the rules for access to the beaches: in Deauville, riders and horses take a marked course between the racecourse and the beach and can access the beach before 10 a.m. in the morning and after 19 p.m. from April to September (no restriction on 'hours the rest of the year). In Tourgéville and Bénerville-sur-Mer, access is prohibited all year round. In Villerville, no prohibition on horses at low tide.

What if you tried the experience?

The nearby equestrian centers offer walks on the beach. Take the plunge!

© Gigi Veccia

Galloping on the wet sand

All horse riding on the beach here

"When summer comes, I always advise Deauville to those who like to sleep in the morning, to lazy people. Because the morning is dedicated to horses (...). They arise from everywhere, horses, and cross the sleepy town to walk. join the long deserted beach, excited as children. The Argentinian peticeros, by poles of five or six, drive their emotional polo ponies, cherry-colored criollos, singing an old Pampa tune. bring proud thoroughbreds from the Touques or Clairefontaine racetracks whose precious backs are protected by a kidney cover. Sometimes even sulkies join by sliding the procession. Finally come from neighboring clubs - located in Tourgéville, Villerville or Le Brevedent -, the ordinary riders, you, me, for whom a gallop on the wet sand and a piaffe in the sea are a guarantee of freedom ".


Jérôme Garcin Extract from "Horseman alone" © Editions Gallimard

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