He spent every summer in Deauville

Jean Gabin adopted Deauville for shooting his films and spending his holidays.

In 1956, he started renting the “Les Chaumières” villa, at the end of Rue Victor Hugo for his holidays. The following year, he rented the “Henri Dominique Villa”, facing that of Jacques Bar, producer of 80 films, who marked the actor’s major successes: Mélodie en sous sol, Un singe en Hiver, Le gentleman d’Epsom, Le cave se rebiffe, Le Président, Les vieux de la vieille, Le rouge est mis...

From 1958 to 1960, Jean Gabin settled over the summer at the “Petit Boqueteau”, a villa situated in the well-named “Rue des Villas” street. He bought the “La Malmaison” villa in 1961, at the corner of Rue Hunebelle and Rue Victor Hugo. He renamed it “La Grande Villa” and lived there for 13 years, from 1961 to 1974. He settled in the villa with his children which were educated in Deauville. He was mainly present on weekends and holidays. He also went to Deauville during the various shootings on the coast of Normandy: Le baron de l’écluse (1960), Un singe en hiver (1962).

In May 1968, fleeing Paris and its riots, the whole family moved to the villa. Michel Belmondo, Michel Audiard and Gilles Grangier came to visit during the shooting sessions. Lino Ventura became his neighbour, renting an apartment in the “Héliotrope Villa” located at the corner of Rue Le Marois and Rue Baronne d’Erlanger.