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Philippe FUSARO

Guest at the Books & Music Festival 2016

Philippe Fusaro has published four novels published by La Fosse aux ours, including Italy there I am (2010) et The Colossus of clay (2004, reproduced in Folio in 2006). Born in 1971 in Forbach, he lives in Drôme and has been a bookseller for many years (notably at Quai des brumes in Strasbourg and Passages in Lyon).


He will be present:

Sat April 16/17 p.m. - Villa Le Cercle - Italy Program in Deauville
Meeting with Maryline Desbiolles & Philippe Fusaro
They have Italy in their blood. In the most literal sense of the term. Children of Italian immigration to France, Maryline Desbiolles and Philippe Fusaro have a carnal relationship with the country of their parents and grandparents which is made alive in their novels. Stories of parentage and transmission.