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Artistic Director of the Festival of New Talents and Guests

Charlène flourishes as a Full Professor at the Maîtrise of Radio France and at the Conservatories of the city of PARIS but also as Artistic Director of the festival of New Talents and Guests of VILLERS-SUR-MER, for 10 years already… She has also worked in Seoul for the last few years.

With a double State Diploma in Piano and Music Training, it seems essential to her to combine excellence in music with strong interaction with the public by democratizing "Great Music" through an educational dimension: the musicians themselves present their concert, aimed at both classical aficionados and neophytes; Musical workshops and Songs for children as well as Piano lessons (initiation to all improvements) are experienced while discovery, progress and pleasure every morning, ...

On the strength of her experience, this balance of curiosity, determination and daring allows her to dare to invite the best artists of the moment in solo and in chamber music, from here as well as from the end of the world, in particular the Victoires de la Musique and the more than promising revelations ...

Charlène, the whole team and the town of Villers sur mer are looking forward to celebrating the 30th anniversary of our Festival of New Talents and Guests very soon!