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French Antique Decor

Norman guest in the lead 2019

French Antique Wedding is delighted to be a partner of the "Normandes en tête" event. First vintage furniture rental company, French Antique Wedding knew modernize and renew the supply of the reception furniture rental market, by importing a new concept in France, the "vintage rentals" very popular in the USA. Thanks to its elegant and romantic pieces, French Antique Wedding renews the genre and offers new decor possibilities for the bride and groom and event organizers. French Antique Wedding is distinguished by its elegant, magical and exotic collections. Valérie de Taillac imagines dreamlike universes for his customers and offers precious pieces in his curiosity cabinet: a Napoleon III lounge, a naturalized peacock, a Jaipur rickshaw, dozens of wrought iron benches, hundreds of 2018th century chandeliers ... In XNUMX, French Antique Wedding will become " French Antique Décor ”to support individuals and professionals in all their decor creations.

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