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Photographer invited to the Planche (s) Contact festival in 2010

© Charles Fréger
© Sandrine Boyer
© Sandrine Boyer

Jockeys, photographic portraits and uniforms

Born in 1975, Charles Fréger graduated from the Beaux Arts de Rouen in 2000, since then he has devoted himself to the poetic and anthropological representation of social groups: legionaries, water polo swimmer, English schoolgirls, Finnish synchronized skaters, ex-communist scouts of Budapest, majorettes, sumo wrestlers in Japan, election of miss in Singapore, apprentice Russian police officers, young bonzes from Vietnam, Grenadiers of Buckingham Palace, Roman corazzieri or actors of the Peking opera ... Charles Fréger tirelessly continues his Photographic Portraits and Uniformes, name of its series. He has exhibited all over the world and is the author of twenty books, The Last Empire (Ed Thames & Hudson) is consecrated the most prestigious regiments of European armies. He lives and works in Rouen.

In Deauville, in 2010, during the first Planches Contact festival, he photographed the young jokeys apprentices of AFASEC (Association de Formation et d'Action Sociale des Ecuries de Courses) and the musicians of the brass band of the Isle of Wight, who travel to Deauville every July 14. His technique, without fantasy, the look, the choice of posture, the way of putting on the uniform are all signs to the viewer, sketching the vocabulary of a body language. A new aspect of the city, portraits of two groups, among many others that make up the life of the city.