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Future place of life and culture

The Moatti & Rivière Company won this summer the project management competition for the implementation of the Franciscaines site in Deauville. The Franciscaines site bears the name of the nun congregation that created it and lived there for over a century. Among its 4,000m2 an innovative and attractive project is underway – a living place where sharing knowledge and cultural heritage - new engine of the aura and dynamism characterising this area.
Let’s plan 2018:
In an innovative, original, hyper-connected and constantly evolving place, audiences with different backgrounds, ages and concerns gather in the Franciscanes site to live, explore, visit, wonder, experiment and share experiences and emotions. Visitors are the protagonists of a « à la carte » journey-experience, following their areas of interest, their current desires, the time they have and their mood. A predefined tour would be inappropriate here. Senses are sharpened and pleasure taken in a perfect place to get informed, discover, come and go and come back again.

The Franciscaines, a multifaceted place, is very strongly reminiscent of the identity of Deauville and its related values, great events, cultural festivals, heritage collections – documentary resources about memories of the City or about horses – artistic collections, including the masterpieces of André Hambourg, bequeathed to the City in 2011. Recreational and interactive sceneries are unveiled around new worlds to discover and amazing universes where cultural materials and knowledge tools have been collected without partitioning and ready for consultation under optimal conditions.

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3 main values

CULTURE & CREATIVITY Born with the Impressionists who were seized by its unique atmosphere, Deauville has been attracting many artists in search for inspiration over the last century. As a result of this constant and enriching relation, the City of Deauville decided to play an active role in the creative world to remain a stimulating melting pot. Today, festivals, cultural events and residences are not only privileged creative places, but also exchange venues and sharing opportunities for the artists. If the Franciscaines site is designed to reveal the heritage of this creativity, it is also able to prompt its development. Two universes will be exclusively dedicated to culture and creativity: the “Deauville heritage” universe and the “Music, cinema, show” universe.

MEET & SHARE As an international tourist destination, Deauville is a privileged place where people can meet and share during journeys, workshops, cultural festivals, long holidays and short weekends. The permanently open Franciscaines site will be a close meeting place for regular visitors and a can’t-miss destination for the others. It has also been designed for economic world personalities to whom the Franciscaines site can provide unrivalled spaces and facilities. Different warm and comfortable complexes will be arranged to encourage meeting and sharing of all audiences, as the essential element of the project is encouraging people to meet and spend time together. Flow regulation, entry-exit or admission surveillance systems are not implemented…preserving instead agreement, leisure, discovery, exploration and meeting values. One of these five universes will be especially dedicated to “Explore the world”.

LEISURE & WELLNESS Turned from a small village on the Coteau into a renowned seaside resort built from scratch, Deauville had an impressive development. Constant obligation: adapting all the time to tourism evolution and changes and also to visitors’ desires. Art of living, hedonism, sport, wellness, colours, flavours, smells, sounds and languages, lights: the Franciscaines site will remain faithful to its original vocation of leisure resort. “Health and wellness” and “Horses” will be the themes of the last two universes.