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Leo Fourdrinier


Guest of the 2021 L'Appel du Large festival

Léo Fourdrinier, born in 1992, lives and works in Toulon. Graduated from the Ecole Supérieure d'Arts et Médias de Caen / Cherbourg in 2017, he notably worked in various residency programs: Le Confort Moderne (Poitiers), Fugitif (Leipzig), 40mcube / GENERATOR (Rennes), Le Port Des Créateurs (Toulon). He is currently guest curator at the axolotl gallery in Toulon.

"Through a poetic popularization of science, as if he wanted to make us a supersonic man, Léo Fourdrinier draws the parallel between the pulsation of a star and the emotions of love. The imprint of lyricism in this scientific quest brings us back to his intense personal emotions, his feelings sometimes linked to love, sometimes to death, often to communion with nature, sometimes to the passage of time."(extract from the text by Julien Carbone,"Call me Mister Fahrenheit", 2020)


As part of the L'Appel du Large festival which will take place from July 2 to 4, 2021, Léo Fourdrinier is exhibiting an installation. More information on L'Appel du Large here.