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Force Femmes Normandie

Norman guest in the lead 2019

Force Femmes is a recognized association of general interest which aims to support and support unemployed women over 45 in their return to work and business creation initiatives. The association is present in 10 French cities.
This triple prism - age, gender and professional status - makes the Force Femmes association a unique structure that supports women who are too often discriminated against and in need of specific support: listening, personalized assistance, consideration of their needs, orientation or reorientation towards training, re-socialization, confidence building, etc.
The association allows the meeting, the connection and the creation of a collective dynamic in solidarity with these women who are very often in a situation of self-judgment and self-discrimination.
Whatever the age, gender or social background, dismissal, job search and unemployment are trying experiences and confirm the gravity of the situations.
Twelve years that Force Femmes has been working on a daily basis to put these women in optimal conditions for returning to work or starting a business and ensuring them a stable, sustainable future and far from financial fears.
The association offers specific and unique support in France intended for unemployed women over 45 years old: individual professional support and collective support through training workshops and practical training.